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  1. gczpikbaba

    My turn to post a pic. (Quality is not that good, but all I had was my phone) I've never formally joined the forum with an intro, just started posting and asking questions. I am a new rider/owner. Got my 06 classic in June to keep a suburban in the garage, but turns out I love riding. We get alot of riding time in Louisiana. I got the bike used and have added the windshield, sissybar, rack, and saddlebags. Sending my seat to Mean City Cycles in a couple weeks and want to add some highway pegs. After that, I just plan to enjoy the rides. Thanks to everyone who has replied to any of my questions and safe riding.

  2. retzdaret

    I love me some V-Star. Great ride!

  3. cherizwzdar

    Nice looking bike gczpikbaba! looks beautiful! I'll have to post a pic of my bike on here when the weather warms up a bit (in NY) and can take a pic of her all waxed up and ready to go! I have an '06 classic as well and I love the bike!

  4. Zoom181

    Beautiful bike!

  5. falconfan247

    nice bike!

  6. toknord

    Nice ride. I have the same paint job on my 650 Silverado..What luggage rack did you get for yours?? I'm debating on whether to get one that attaches to the fender and license plate bracket or the one that attaches to the passenger backrest bracket. Do you know if there is a difference in the weight capacity of the two versions??

  7. Jonezpoj

    Nice scoot, ride safe.

  8. gczpikbaba

    Thanks guys. I fell like I joined a cool club.

    The rack was bought off ebay, it came with the sissybar. It is the kind that mounts to the sissybar. I liked that look better than the other you described. Quality is not bad, actually better than expected. Not sure of the weight capacity. I know it will hold my bowling bag with two 15 pound balls, shoes, etc.

  9. toknord

    Great, thanks for the reply. I like that one better too..


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