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  1. chilibebber

    After severl very expensive seat changes, I have finally created a seat that can carry me for a couple of hours without getting Monkey Butt. I also did this to the pillion seat too and the wife is very pleased.
    I modded the stock seat and it took me three corrections to get it like I wanted it to ride for me.
    Here is what I did.
    Went down to Walmart and purchased 2 of the gel tech seat cushions for 20 bucks ech. I removed the bike seat cover and laid the gel pad on the the foam. I outlined the gel pad onto the foam and then removed the foam inside the outline. I place a 1/2 soft foam pad into the cut ut and then plced the gel pad on top of that. I then placed a lyer of batting on top of that. Then I took the 2nd pad and did the same thing on the passenger pad. I took what was left of the 2nd gel pad and it was exactly enough to put on top of the batting on the drivers seat where the majority of my weight hit, thus doubling up that area. I pulled the seat cover back over it and stapled in down.
    I then went for a little ride. I rode for about 3 hours and the burn never hit me. The gel pad let me shift and adjust whne I needed to and changed the support area when I did.
    I have had Mustang and Ultimate and this mod actually addressed the problem area on the hiny bo hunkas for the driver and passenger.
    Just thought that I would share.

  2. 9Sdarz

    Chilli what part of Wally world did you find them (gel pads)?
    I think I would like to give it a try.

  3. 869Cruser

    sounds like a good mod. I've been looking for a new seat for my bike, but I don't really want to shell out a couple hundred right now. How much did the gel pads run you?

  4. Jonezpoj

    Chilli, thats what I call using your head,errr butt ah, hell you know what I mean.......

  5. chilibebber

    It was in the automotive section where the wooden seat beads are. It was 20 bucks for one. I got two so that I could do the passenger seat too.

    Yea, I tried Ultimate and Mustang and while they both were comfortable without the backrest, when I used the backrest it just moved me forward too far.
    So far, this solution is working for me. I did a 300 mile trip on them and they held up pretty good.

  6. retzdarraiter

    im def. going to wal-mart. i need a cheap seat cushion.


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