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My k&n air filter

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  1. Tacgtriwer

    Did you know the previous owner of my bike put on a K&N?
    You probably answer that "no". Which is OK, because I just found out myself.
    So whatcha think of the K&N? Keep it or go to something else? There is a part of me that thinks and air filter should be a throwaway part.

  2. M28AMECH

    I would keep it, just check the K&N web site for their recomended service intervals. Get a recharge kit when it is time to service it, wash it out, oil it up and put back in and keep on going. Just do not over oil it.
    I put K&N in my 98 Royal Star when the factory stock unit was due to be changed (26000 miles) still had the same filter in it when I sold 9 years later and with 96000 miles on it.
    K&N makes a great product, when my Venture is ready for new filters, it is getting K&Ns.

  3. roukhriter8

    I have one on all of my vehicles. Wash it out and oil it every year or oil change. You will never have to worry about buying another filter unless you put a million miles on it. A can of oil is 7 dollars I think and will last a long time. I buy a can a year and do 4 cars with it. If you over oil it you will see a drip. My explorer picked up an average of 4 mpg highway improvement with one. I believe you will see a difference if you go back with stock.

  4. ROB2

    keep the K&N its a much better filter then the "throw aways" agree with the above posters also

  5. quicgmicg

    Keep the K&N!! I sell them every day. Improved airflow = increased performance. It'll beat any throw away paper filter out there. Just make sure you clean it often!....

  6. kamezbanger

    Throw it away!!! Paper air filters are way better than K & N filters... that is why K & N is so cheap

  7. bazdorrop1

    I've read that the K & N doesn't filter quite as well as a paper filter, but I've never had a problem with one. Just my opinion - but I think it's a great product. I clean and oil it about once a year. No problems for me.


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