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My headlite burnt out. :>(

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  1. MorkKW


    We'll place the key under the mat. Oh, yeah...we'll also leave the light on. You and "Momma" c'mon down and use the Southernmost Silver Bullet for a week. It'll be a nice (and warm) break from your W-W-W-Wisconsin w-w-w-winter.


  2. zumnckuj

    Yeah ... warmer climates most certainly mean more miles. I bought this bike on October 4th of 07 .. just over a year and I have just short of 20k on it .. the 70 mile round trip commute takes only a slight lead against cruzin miles .. the two are about equal ..

    I ride all year round here in NC ... and its starting to get cold 30's / 40's in the am and late pm .... all I have to say is HEATED GEAR !!! YEAH !!!! NICE AND TOASTY !!!! Darn eiyes tear though ..

  3. SdeweinFL

    Yeah Steve, you can shuttle back and forth between Morg's and my place - although, I must admit, Morg's will usually be a tad warmer - Tampa has been known to dip into the 60's, and once in a great while, even the 30's for an hour or two, over-night.



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