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  1. atamr17

    Nice looking ride....Welcome

  2. tunc

    Welcome to the forum from downunder
    Enjoy the forum and ask if you have Q
    put one of your bike in the show your ride thread applicable to your bike
    it might be BIKE OF THE MONTH
    650 Upgrade, 1100 or 1300?
    heres a link for how to post pics
    video camera
    and dont forget to vote in the poll
    in the Yamaha shop talk section

  3. Shebhertezz

    Welcome from Canada! I did lots and lots of research before deciding on my bike and I'm really happy with Yamaha. Funny story about your brother-in-law!

  4. Guiltyee93

    Hey nice bike i recently bought a Silverado 1100 and love it! Only had it out a few days due to the weather also and it looks like tom will be the only sunny day of the week the rest rain . Oh well such is life enjoy your ride be safe.



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