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  1. Spankinstine12

    Hi! I stumbled across these forums a few days ago, and I can tell I'm gonna stay. I just bought a '05 Vstar 650 custom, it has alot on it already, Hyper charger, saddle bags, windsheild, and It has the stock pipes on it but the guy I bought it from he sent them to some guy in New York (I think) and had them gutted and tuned...they sound awesome, so awesome in fact after I showed my brother-in-law my new toy he's traded in his boat for a bike now! This is the 3rd motorcycle that I've owned and by far the best one. I live in Southeast Iowa, and the weather is a bit terrible right now, cant wait to get back on it.

  2. pgv

    Cool find. Love them Stars. God's speed.

  3. zmogejyoe

    Welcome to the forum from Illinois. Nice looking bike and neat story about the customized pipes. Hope the weather clears for you and the only twisty's you see are the riding type. Enjoy and be safe.

  4. yhoower

    Very nice ride. Welcome to the forum from your northern neighbor (MN) our weather has been crappy too but it looks like we're going to get some good riding weather this weekend. You should too.

  5. SemberFiDavk

    Nice bike ! Welcome from Middle Georgia !

  6. Spankinstine12

    Weather should be better this weekend, Thanks for the quick responses! You guys Ride Safe!

  7. micg10

    welcome to the family. congrats on the bike, mines an 09 650 classic and love it, infact i can see myself on this bike for many years to come!

  8. yajare

    Welcome to the forum. The 650 is a great bike. Safe riding..............

  9. retzdaret

    Welcome from Georgia. Great bike. Ride safe!

  10. kamezbanger

    Welcome from Tennessee.......from a fellow Spanker!!!!!

  11. emarinez

    whats up!!! from pa. congrats on the 650! have fun drive safe!!!

  12. BikRet

    Welcome from So. Florida, nice ride hope you get some good weather up there, be safe.

  13. Goadlocger69

    Welcome from Southern Maryland.
    Sweet ride

  14. dhekanter

    Welcome from California. Oooh!, it's 75 degrees here. Gotta go.

  15. yhennlj

    Here's another welcome from Georgia, and congrats on the new bike. You have great taste. I'm quite fond of the Midnight Custom

  16. ladeploomer

    Nice ride! I have one just like it. Welcome ~ from North Carolina!

  17. quicgmicg

    Welcome!!! Great to have another V Rider on board...looking forward to having you around...

  18. Aifvigir

    I'm curious as to how the 650 runs on the interstate hyways. How high are the RPM's and MPG rate??
    I have a chance to pickup a Vstar 650 ('06 w/ 4000 miles) for my wife. We plan on riding old Rt 66 with them across country.


  19. Heatlikhd

    Hey AIF, good to see you on here. PM sent. Anyway, the 650 will run 70-75 mph all day long, and get about 50 mpg doing it. Don't worry about the rpm's cause they are high revving engines by design. To give you an idea, the rev limiter kicks in about 90 mph in fourth gear, and it's a five speed. Just put in your earplugs and go.

  20. Yammj

    Nice machine, the Hyper Charger certainly adds to the bike's look.


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