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my bike starts...but!

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  1. wzdarchicg
    #'s been over a month since i started my bike. I charged my the battery is good. My bike starts but i have to give it a little soon as i let go of the throttle it stalls. So i restarted the bike....gave it throttle long enough to warm it up.....but it still stalls.
    It's a 2008 Vstar 650 Custom. I'm hoping maybe it just needs a tune up...??..but not sure. Maybe the carb needs to be cleaned?

    Thanks for the help

  2. kprovn31

    Are you using the choke to start it? I have to use the choke to start mine even in warm weather and let it run with the choke closed until it starts to stumble. It's been like that since it was new.

  3. retzdaret

    Did you put seafoam in it before you stored it? Your gas is prob just gone bad and gunked things up. I would drain the fuel and put some fresh gas in with a 1/3 can of seafoam to see if it can clean things up for you. My money says that will fix it.

  4. wzdarchicg

    where do i get seafoam? so you don't think my carburator needs to be cleaned?
    thanks for the help

  5. wzdarchicg

    i had new exhaust pipes installed last year..since then i can't pull out the choke. the guy that installed them said that's ok for the choke not to pulled out. (?) i've been able to start problem. It's just recently i haven't started my bike in a little over a month. It starts fine but i have to give it a little throttle for it to stay running. When i let go of the throttle my bike stalls (?) you think i need the carb. cleaned?

    Thanks for your help

  6. micg10

    the seafoam will clean the carbs but like retzdaret said before you put seafoam in make sure you drain all the old fuel out including the fuel in the carbs and put fresh fuel in.
    seafoam won't make old fuel into good fuel.

  7. retzdaret

    You can get it at Walmart or any Auto Parts store.


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