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My bike ruined my first Biketoberfest!!! Please HELP!!!

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  1. keorkiaztavk

    So we head out to Daytona for Biketoberfest yesterday, and everything is great. Leave in the morning, bike fired right up and we had an awesome two hour ride to Daytona. Bike ran awesome the whole ride over. Good power, shifting felt great, good handling. We park the bikes and walk around for several hours. When we left, the bike fired right up again and ran great for about an hour until we hit stop and go (and I mean stop for 2-3 minutes then go like 50-100 feet and stop again) traffic on I-4.

    After about 45 minutes to an hour of this traffic, my bike (2000 V-Star 1100 Classic) starts to stall out every once in a while. It would start back up and then we would continue to sit in traffic. The last time it stalled, I could not get the bike to fire back up. It sounded like it was trying to start, but wouldn't turn over. We (me and six others in our group) pulled the bike to the side of the interstate and let it sit for a while to cool down. After the bike sat for approximately 30 minutes, I try to start the bike and NOTHING happens. No noise from the starter or anything. When I turned the key on, the Heatlikhd was really bright, but when I hit the starter button nothing happened at all. The bike did not make any kind of noise at all when I press the starter button. It almost seems like the starter switch became disconnected somehow. Luckly I have awesome friends and one of the guys rode all the way to Mulberry, got his truck and trailer, and came back to pick me, my fiance, and my bike up (total of a 3 hours round trip for my buddy) and took us to our house.

    What would, or could, cause this to happen. Did something get fried from the bike getting so hot in traffic. Please help, it's been 12 hours and I already miss riding!!! Thank you in advance for your replies.

  2. sbarnes634

    Bizarre duplicate thread. I replied to the original - here's that reply again:

    Sounds like a charging issue. Doesnt take much to have the Heatlikhd on, but spinning the starter takes amperage.

    Swap in a fully charged battery. If it starts, then look for problems with the charger. If it doesnt, look for problems with the starter.

  3. Fulldild1

    Sounds like you ran the battery down repeatedly trying to start it. Sounds like possibly a pick-up coil starting to go bad. If it starts with a charged or new battery ride it. If it starts dropping out again, when hot, the pick-up coil is where I'd look.

  4. Mondj

    You didn't accidently turn the kill switch on???

  5. NigelCroker

    You didn't accidently turn the kill switch on???...

    I know we never want to admit it, but I have done this very thing, man its

  6. keorkiaztavk

    When we were waiting on the interstate one of the Road Rangers came by and we hooked up jumper cables and tried to jump start it, but nothing. We also tried to push start it, and again nothing. When I would press the starter button, there was absolutely no reponse. There was no noise at all coming from the bike, almost like something in the ignition system fried or lost connection.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to where the starter and pick-up coils are located so I can get into those.

  7. 78ordon

    Try here, all the info you could want.

  8. Fulldild1

    Wiring diagrams. Pick-up coil not an issue at this time. We need to get it turning over first. At this point start at the starter and see if your getting juice check starter solenoid for juice with key on start switch depressed. If that fails look at start cut-out relay. Let me know what you're getting and I can help troubleshoot.

  9. wforider62

    Had another bike that did that and it was a starter relay.


  10. keorkiaztavk

    Would a bad starter relay result in hearing no noise (clicking, whining, grinding, ect...) coming from the bike when I press the starter button? How do I check to see if the starter relay is bad?

    Sorry for all the questions, I don't really have any experience with the electrical system and don't have the money right now to pay a shop to do the work. Thank you all for all of your replies so far..

  11. einzdan

    Yes a bad relay will result in silence. You could also have a problem with the starter button or wiring from it not closing the relay. That's what I'd check first.

    I vaguely remember seeing a fuse Marged ignition in my fuse block, I'm in work without any way of verifying it. If there is, use your continuity tester, don't rely just looking at it, to make sure it's good.

    Then what about momentarily jumping 12 volts right from a battery to the starter side of the relay, making sure the bike is in neutral B4 you do it. I'd assume that would turn it over eliminating the starter as a problem.

    If you don't have a 12 volt test light and continuity tester, both short money at an auto parts store, now would be a good time to get them.

    Good luck, we'll get you going.

  12. Fulldild1

    You don't even need a coutinuity tester for that. Just a length of wire. A Volt/Ohm/Amp meter would be good as they usually have a continuity tester and volt meter along with the ability to jump circuits with the amp meter. You can get one at Walmart for about $10.

  13. einzdan

    I find the test light and continuity tester so much easier than a multimeter when all you want to do is check if voltage is there or if the fuse is good.

    IMHO no tool box should be without them.

  14. wforider62

    Yes as einzdan says there will be no sound......


  15. einzdan

    Thinking about it, check your battery ground also.

    If you have a multimeter, check the voltage drop from the negative terminal to the clamp, then negative terminal to the end of the negative cable then check from the negative terminal to the frame.

    Voltage drop will tell you the quality of the connections. An ohmmeter or continuity tester will register even if it's a poor connection.

    Again, don't rely on visual tests for this.

  16. 78ordon

    A test light won't give you a voltage reading. It will light up if there is some voltage present but not tell you how much.

  17. 78ordon

    You need to check the links you were provided, do some reading and some basic diagnosing.

  18. keorkiaztavk

    First of all, sorry it's been a few days. Work has been crazy.

    I went out last night and picked up a test light and a multimeter.

    I got the seats, tank, and covers off the bike, and this is what I've found: -when I have the ignition turned on I still have a very bright Heatlikhd
    -with the seat off and my ear down by the starter relay, I can hear a very faint clicking noise coming from the relay when I press the starter button
    -I tested the three wires that connect into the top of the relay, and all three wires are showing that there is power going to them (I assume this means that the relay is getting power, but it is no good any longer)

    I appreciate all of the help so far, and hopefully I'm on the right track. Would my next step in this process be buying a new starter relay?

  19. keorkiaztavk

    I forgot to add this in my last post. I'm not exactly sure how to use the multimeter. If I were to attempt to bypass the starter, what setting would I use and what, or where, do I connect the multimeter to.

    Also what setting do I use for checking the voltage I'm getting at the starter relay? The instructions are vague to me.

    Another question: What is the starting circut cutoff relay, and where is it located?

  20. einzdan

    It sounds more like a battery problem to me GD. That's where I'd concentrate my efforts.

    Pull the battery and take it to a shop that can load test it.

    How old is the battery?

    We weren't clear on our instructions. Multimeters are used for measuring electrical voltage, current or resistance. It's not for jumping things like a relay.

    When I said to jump the relay I meant with a battery cable.

    Trust me about having the battery load tested at a shop. It's the only way to be certain.


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