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Mustang Seat

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  1. peedonwillaz

    Looking to buy a mustang seat for a V-Star650 Custom 2008, and if available a clip-on full screen. Does anyone recommend any other comfortable seats for this model of bike?

  2. retzdaret

    I can tell you I have the Mustang seat for My 650 custom and I love it.

  3. zbungj

    I have a Saddleman Explorer Gel seat and love it .... probably any aftermarket seat will be a huge improvement ...... I went from after 1/2 hour being ready for a break to now I can ride 2 hours before I'm ready to take a break .... JC Whitney had by far the best deal I could find .... cheaper to start with and free shipping .... I saved around $100

  4. Tovdrucg

    This may not help you at this time, but I will have a one piece vintage wide studded Mustang seat for sale sometime this spring. I will be getting a 950 and plan on selling all the after market equipement and trade in or sell in my Vstar 650 Silverado. The Mustang seat will fit both the Custom and Classic models. Price will be in the area of $250 plus shipping.


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