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mustang 93331 tank bib w/ pouch

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  1. frangd

    Has anyone got this one on their 950 ? How does it look and is it practical.thinking of putting this on my red 950. Thanks

  2. OgieRiter

    Hello from Tulsa, I Don't have one on mine but I think they look great. I have the oem mini tank cover on mine to protect the paint but am thinking of going with a plain Mustang tank bib. Not sure about the pouch but you could keep a phone in it while you ride. Anyway take care.

  3. Bzdone6

    I have a simple question, does the installation of a tank bib eventually cause discoloration or mismatch of the paint since the tank bibs keep the UV off the areas that are being covered? and if you leave one on for a year and you take it off can you tell that it was there?


  4. OgieRiter

    Thats a good question and I think as long as the paint is kept waxed it should be O.K.

  5. MorkKW

    Placing the tank bag directly on the tank....not the most ideal choice. Even with a nicely waxed tank, tank bags have been known to cause tiny little spider scratches to form in the paint. Many riders use a clear protective film, such as Saddlemen product from Dennis Kirk. Also found are other products from InvisibleMask, 3M Scotchcal, StonGuard, Clear Mask, etc., a couple of which can be purchased by the foot at some locations.

    Time to ride. Take care.

  6. Rop123

    The underside of my Mustang Tank Bib w/pouch has a fabric (felt) that won't scratch the paint. However, over time if road dirt were to collect under it there is a possiblity that the dirt rubbing against the paint would cause scratches. In other words its the dirt not the back of the bib that can cause the scratches.......regular cleaning under the bib should help prevent that.


  7. Bzdone6

    THe tank bibs that I have seen put on bikes in the past, ended up with the paint under the Bib being brighter than the part of the tank that is not covered.
    whether that will happen with today's paints I don't know.

    As far as I know, all the wax in the world is not going to stop the UV from breaking down the lustre of the paint that is not covered, but this usually will take quite a while to happen. the problem is worse if you live in an area like sunny Fla.

    If I did install one, I would leave it off on some days to insure equal fading.
    but that's just my opinion, and we all know what the saying is about opinions! lol



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