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MU Mutazu Hard Saddle Bag Review

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  1. richarth

    Review of the MU Mutazu Hard Saddle Bags.
    Web Site at

    I shot some photos of my install but it seems like I accidentally deleted them off my digital camera.

    Anyway here are some photos of them installed on my 1100

    I used the universal brackets that came with the bags and the bags where not as rigid because of the brackets. They would bend pretty easy. To fix this I made 4 little Z shaped brackets that would attach to the top of the saddle bag. You can see it in the photo below (Parson the dusty bike).

    It is A LOT more rigid with my added bracket since it adds a bolt near the top of the bag.

    You can also see in the photo that I also have my saddle bars that I use to use for my soft saddle bags. The reason they are on there is because when I first mounted the newer Mutazu hard bags they were to close to the frame and if I hit any bump my bike frame would hit the bottom of the saddle bags. The only way to fix this problem is to move the saddle bags up higher of move them out farther so they don't hit the frame.

    I drilled all my holes (8 per bag) and moving it up would require all new holes. Also I already had the bags matching the curve of my back fender and putting them up higher would of looked strange.

    So I decided to move them farther out. Since I already had my saddle bag bars from my other bags, I just put them between the brackets and the bike. They easily clear now but don't look as good as being tight on the bike but it does not look bad. I had to buy some longer bolts since the stock ones would not reach. These are the larger MU Mutazu Bags. You could buy the smaller LN bags and put them close to the bike without hitting the Frame.

    This is definitely not a quick or easy release system. These bags are not coming off without a lot of work. To take them off I would have to undo the 8 bolts inside the bag and then the two bolts holding the brackets off. Plus I wired up the lights with no connectors. I don't plan on taking the bags off.

    After I started working on this project I found out about the They would have been a lot better to use I think and you could remove the hard bags easy

    I also hooked up the lights in the bags so they light up when I hit my brake and when I use my blinkers. The instructions were terrible and tell you to just hook up 2 of the wires (there are 4 wires) to the turn signal. I had to play around them to wire them correctly to the brakes and the turn signals.

    Review of the Bags

    The actually bags are pretty decent for the price. They look good and one day on our trip we rode in the rain for a few hours and everything inside stayed dried. They held up so far which included a 2500 mile motorcycle trip. There were very full with mostly clothes, leathers, a half helmet and other odds and ends. In one of them I had a few tools.

    They open from the side which gives them a very clean look on top but if you have a bunch of stuff crammed into them and open it, your contents has a tendency to spring out on you. It was not that bad though.

    The saddle bags are white that are painted black so if you get any scratches on them, they are really going to show. I have a small hairline scratch on one of them from something I did but it is pretty small so you can't really notice it. A bigger scratch would really show up but maybe you could use a sharpie to make it not as noticeable.

    About the lights. The red tail lights give a very cool retro style look. They are made in such a way that when sunlight hits them you really notice them. Many of the bikers I was with thought my lights where on when they were not.

    The lights in the tail lights though are terrible. I don't know what they were thinking but they are using White Leds with a Red Lens. It would have been much better to use Red Leds inside with the Red Lens. White LEDs do not produce a full spectrum. They use some methods to give them the appearance of white but they are not pure white. Because of this, you should never use White Leds and put a color filter in front of them to give the desired color. The result is very dim color. When using LEDs shining through a colored LENs, it should be the same color to be efficient. Pretty much all tail light accessories for motorcycles are done like this and they look good.

    Because of this, the tail lights are very dim. During the day you can't even notice a difference when they are on and at night they are not near bright enough.

    I plan on taking them apart and putting my own Red LEDs inside so they really shine. I am sure it is going to be quite a bit of work though.

    Also you MUST use the key to open and close the bags. When you close them, you must turn the key and lock them other wise they just fall open. It was not really a big deal and also it makes sure that your bags are always locked.

    I also installed a 12v cigarette adapter in one of my saddle bags so I can be charging things such as batteries, cell phones, etc. when I go on trips.

    They came in a large boxed and were packaged very well. They arrived in pristine condition with lots of foam wrap to protect them in shipping.

    Final Conclusion.

    For $330 including the shipping, they are not a bad deal. They are not as nice as some other hard bags that I have seen but they sure are a lot cheaper. The brackets could be better but you can use Ghost Brackets if you want. I am pretty happy with them and would have bought them again. I just wish they used Red LEDs in the tail lights.

    For those on a budget looking for hard bags, this is a good way to go.

  2. richarth

    Another Picture

    A photo of me and the bike ready for the 2500 mile motorcycle trip.

  3. quicgmicg

    Thanks for the review! Awesome job! The bike looks great with them on. You cover some very valuable information and I'm sure every one will appreciate it!

  4. wtan

    Thanks for the review and nice picture of the bags on the bike. that what i was looking for. thinking of buying them now.

    thanks. nice.......

  5. wtan

    and one thing, what the clearance from the exhaust if u set the top of the bag to the rear fender same height. i know you have set it higher on your than the back fender.

  6. richarth

    It is as close to the exhaust that I can get. It is about 3/4th of a inch above the exhaust.

  7. richarth


  8. Clazzic4

    Any problems from the heat of the exhaust?

    I have been think about getting a set of the MU bags for my 650 Classic as well.

    Any more thoughts, feedback, or suggestions?


  9. tunc

    looks good and ya definetly look set for the ride

    and a great write up there as well

  10. VTvinChic

    Looks good. Thought about the Custom Dynamics site: Somewhere, they have the teardrop shaped LED boards.

    Have a safe trip!

    Now, I'm glad you didn't de-badge the bike, else it would be verging on Nomad territory with those retro-looking bags. Just joking! Looks great!


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