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  1. Requiem499

    Oh man, today was the first day of the track day for the BRC. Finished the two days of class and passed the written test. The track day was fun but damn was it hot out there today!

    I'm sunburned like crazy and looking like a raccoon!

    Tomorrow I'm NOT wearing my heavy jacket and I'm just going with a long sleeve THIN dress shirt. The rules only state that it has to be long sleeve doesn't say what it's made out of or that it has to be buttoned.

    My jacket keeps me cool and fine when moving... but wearing that thing just doing laps around the BRC course, oh man was I hot!

    Hopefully tomorrow it's not as hot but I won't count on it. Last day and hopefully I pass the eval and then I can get my full motorcycle endorsement.

    Just my rant about how frickin hot it was today in a big leather jacket! Least I had enough sense to wear my shorty helmet and not the full face I probably would have passed out from the heat or something... course then I would be all raccoon looking

  2. kamezbanger

    we talked about this before but I ordered the Tourmaster Draft jacket with CE armour...I like it alot more in the summer than leather, it is mesh and very looks cool too...and at 99 bucks it doesn't break the bank.

  3. Bulltok

    Nice light-weight jacket there kamezbanger. I got to get me one of those!

  4. Trollpj

    I got the First Gear Meshtex, with the matching gloves.

    Love it for hot weather, the liner helps on cooler mornings too.

  5. pama26

    I have the First Gear Texmex also,fits better and is more comfortable than my last jacket(joe rocket phoenix 4.0)although the liner is not as thick and the zippers are not quite as heavy duty.Still a great summer riding jacket.

  6. Trollpj

    I got both the foam pads and the kevlar, I use the foam ones when it gets really hot since thay let more air flow, not as safe but still padding in the right spots.


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