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Moving brake pedal

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  1. zcoddginva

    I have a 2006 Classic that I purchased two weeks ago after being away from street bikes for almost 25 years. I like the floorboards -- which are new to me but I was wondering about moving the brake pedal forward maybe an inch or two. (maybe down will do it) Right now I have to lift my foot up too far to be comfortable. How tough is this? And will I have to purchase a new arm/pedal?

    Thanks in advance,

    PS I have been lurking for over a year learning it the Vstar was for me. So thanks for that too!

  2. quicgmicg

    These are available up to 6". Check EBay or other cycle vendors. Here is a link I just ran into to show you what they look

    I've got 4" on my Custom and I'll never take them off. Made it SOOOO much more comfortable to ride.

  3. MorkKW

    Hi Scott.

    If you're looking only to move your brake pedal, there are many of us who have switched to this extended pedal, which really opens up the right floorboard very nicely, while also making it much easier to operate the rear brake. It's quality is exceptional and it's been a very worthwhile accessory that those who have it now wouldn't do without.

    Take care.

  4. zcoddginva

    So I like the idea of moving the floorboard forward. Has anyone done this on a Classic with floorboards? If so it doesn't lower them does it? I would hate to drag in the corners anymore than I do now.

  5. aarona

    It don't lower them any they will move out about 3\\8-1\\2".I have a custom with board's and they are moved forward 3'' and my frame drags before my board's do but I am lowerd 2 1/4 in the rear and 1 1/2 up front.


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