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Moved the horn today....

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  1. arecipo

    I moved my horn today, but for some reason it sounds like it's been choked by a frog . I didn't drop it and it's not touching anything. Any ideas what could cause the sound to change? I did use a different bracket that a friend gave me. Here is a pic.

  2. retzdaret

    Prob won't matter but you can try reversing the lines to it and see if that does something.

  3. purneyr

    While you are fooling around with the horn, consider a replacement set of duels, or at least a single that's louder.

    These are next on my "mod" list.

  4. Rop123

    Now you have an "excuse" to buy a better horn!

  5. purnsee

    You may have to use the thin chrome piece that it was mounted on, before you moved it. It allows the horn to vibrate. Try loosening the bolt that is holding it, then blow the horn. If it works, then it you will have to use the chrome piece....Good Luck

  6. arecipo

    purnsee, yeah, that was it alright. But like Rop123 said, it's an exuse to buy a new one. Until then I will deal with the unchoked frog.

    Thanks guys.

  7. froto

    Am I the only one that likes the horn where it is?

  8. Mmmakic

    Am I the only one that likes the horn where it is?
    LOL! Apparently so! It looks like it was an afterthought.... hmmm, where should we stick the horn.....

    When I get a new one, it will be relocated as well.

  9. purneyr

    I don't much care where it is, I just want it to be loud enough to be heard

  10. Rop123

    IMHO.....unless the horn is "attractive" it should be hidden so long as it's volume isn't affected. I've spent a good deal of effort in making my 950 "my own", as they say, and it's "looks" are an important part of that. The ugly stock horn and its placement looks to be an afterthought. If nothing else they have chrome horn covers that can be installed to make the stocker look a tad bit better, if one wants to keep its location where it is.


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