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  1. LasjDavk

    Great job!!!!!looks like the factory driving lights and the faringmight...

    Yes a Key Relocation would be required to bring the fairing back. I recognized this early on and decided to not deal with it at this time. Cables will become an issue too if you do not have a riser installed that already required relocating the cables behind the Triple Tree. I have an idea for a key relocation that if it works will be SaWeet!!! IMHO but I will keep mum for now until I work out all the little details Besides she has told me to quit tinkering on her bike and mess with mine for a while (I will once my fairing finally shows up)

  2. arecipo

    I'm just curious... How would you relocate the ignition if it also includes the handlebar lock? Forego the lock?

  3. LasjDavk

    I'm just curious... How would you relocate the ignition if...

    Yes the idea I have cooking would only relocate the Ignition portion of the switch, can't do anything with the Fork Lock. We do not use it anyway. We have caliper locks if we want to secure the bikes

  4. LasjDavk

    Well, I have grown to like my paint job more each day, especially after I buffed it with some professional supplies/tools a friend lent me. I am really digging the looks of her bike with the fairing. I must say that my lovely wife looks very Bad A$$ on her scoot now LOL. We stopped by a Dealership today to get some forkoil for my bike and the people there were really liking the fairing on her bike.

    There are not many 950's around here, so Jeanette gets lots of attention when she stops somewhere, but now that the fairing is on more people are coming over and talking to her about her bike (which she eats up LOL)

    Anyway, the ghost graphics are cool and all, but from a distance or looking in my mirror at J, I see a big Silver Mass. I needed to come up with somethings to break things up a bit.

    So I decided to do a little pinstripe work, what yall think

    I know it is a simple design, but hey I'm just learning how to do this stuff. I would love to have found a color that matched her OEM pinstriping, but black was the closet they had.

    I think it does a decent job of breaking things up a bit, and it was fun to do.

    When I repaint the fairing next spring, I will add a bit of additional color graphics along with the ghosting effects, but for now I think I can live with it.

  5. BuzhBoj

    Looks good LD

  6. LasjDavk

    Thought I would put out the list of parts needed to complete this project

    Here is the list of items, Less Painting/Finishing
    HD Road King Fairing w/ 6x9 Speaker Provision- Ebay
    Pyle PLMRKT12BK Marine USB SD Receiver - Ebay
    Boss Chaos 400W 6x9 Speakers - Ebay
    Pyle PLMRCW2 Weather Door and Shelf - Beach Audio
    Hidden Fairing Antenna - Ebay
    Aluminum Screen Door Guard (for speaker grills) - Lowes
    Various Bolts, Screws and Washers (for attaching Weather Door, speakers and Grills) - Lowes
    Weather Stripping (for windshield) - Lowes
    Grommet (for QD wire for power) - Had but can get at hardware stores
    3 Wire Flat Trailer Connector - Flea Marget, but can get at Lowes or Trailer Supply places
    Terminal Strip - Radio Shack
    Relay and Relay Harness - Parts Express (great source BTW)
    Wire to run the 2 power and 1 ground to fairing (used 14awg about 12feet should be plenty) - Already had, but you can get at Lowes or Home Depot
    12x12 piece of 12ga Stainless steel for mounting brackets (remember what I said above, unless you have the proper tools to cut this stuff go Aluminum or regular Steel Sheet metal (14ga should work for Steel, and 1/8" should work for Aluminum)

    That should do it

    If yer gonna prep/finish paint it, then you will need lots of sandpaper (various grits, 120 for initial rough work up to 2000 for final color sanding) small tube of body filler, and paint.

    Again, I painted the Inner with Rattle Can paint from Duplicolor (Laquer not Enamel) and the outer was done with professional PPG products. As for the Outer I bought 8oz (1/2 pint) of her color which I used all. A pro could get away with 2-3 oz but I had to paint it 3 times due to my first 2 major OOPS You can only buy the primer and Clear in Quart sizes.

    For the Inner it took 3 cans of primer (lots of sanding and repriming to get a good looking surface and 2 cans of the Color (they are small cans) 1 Big can of Clear

    When I repaint her fairing next year, as long as the inner is still good I will shoot a coat of Urethane clear over it to give a tougher finish.

    I still need to scan and upload the templates for the brackets I made. If that doesn't work well, you can just PM me your address and I will make a copy and mail it to ya if anybody wants it.


  7. LasjDavk

    Well as the old saying goes you get what you pay for The inexpensive Pyle stereo I installed was really a "cheap" unit. I knew it did not have anywhere near the 200Watts they advertised, but was hoping that the actual RMS wattage would be adequate. Saddly it was lacking. Around town J could hear it fine, but as I stated before, on the highway it lacked the power needed. It had also started to develop an intermittent power problem, loosing memory and shutting off out of the blue.

    I do know a little about stereo's and know that 17-25 clean true RMS watts is actually a bunch of power. I looked into adding a AMP but there really is not much room in the fairing, it is really really really tight in there LOL

    I decided to install the Sony Xplod Stereo that I had bought for my fairing (which still has not arrived) into her fairing. I trust that when Sony says 17Watts RMS that is what is actually being output.

    First this stereo sound quality is noticably better, and in the garage, it is noticably louder. J has gotten to ride once with it and says it is an improvement, but she has not gotten to ride on the highway yet, I will let everyone know how it performs after the highway test.

    If this doesn't do the trick, I will breakdown and get her the Alpine Setup that has a plug in Amp module available that I know I can get to fit, but that is more $$ that I planned on spending (and I still have to do my fairing-paint-finish-stereo- install)

    On a side note, the weather here in Ohio has been getting a bit chilly, especially in the mornings for the ride to work (mid to upper 40's) J just cant wait to see me when I get in to let me know how great the fairing is about blocking the wind on her hands. She just has to rub it in, my hands are frozen for a good 30 minutes after I get there.

    She also says she feels a lot of wind coming up from below. We initially thought it was coming thru the HL tunnel, so we stuffed a towel in there to test. She said the towel had no effect, so I guess I need to design up some Lowers for her to go with the fairing. (but she will have to wait until I get and finish my fairing) That's what she gets for bragging about her warm hands

  8. LasjDavk

    I haven't updated the results of the Sony Stereo. It is a keeper J has no problems hearing her radio on the highway with the power the Sony puts out. I also found a micro sized thumb drive (2G) and put a ton of her music on it. The cool thing is this thumb drive is so small you can close the weather door with it plugged in.

    On a side note for anyone getting one of these low cost afterMarget fairings, either from my source, or Reckless of any of the other "knock-off" fairing sellers on EBAY. Like I have said/indicated several times in this thread, these are low cost fairings, the fit and finish is not perfect as compared to the High end and expensive fairings out there. Again, I knew this going in and was willing to sacrifice some of the quality for the extremely low cost.

    But since they are not perfectly sealed, you will need to take some extra steps to protect your Non Marine Grade stereo (if used) from water that can find a way in from the top of the fairing at the windshield joint. It is pretty simple to do with some plastic sheet or even a cut-up Plastic Jug (Milk, Orange Juice, etc). Basically you just need to silicone the plastic sheet above the radio to create a water shed.

    I need to take J's fairing back off and put this improvement in place for her since water found it's way in and blew a fuse once already.

    I will post pics of what to do. I should have done this in the first place, I knew about it from all the research I did into fairings and stereo's. there are many posts in different forums out there where people put "Non-Marine Grade" stereo's in their fairings and how to "Water-Proof" them. I just didn't do it.

    Her speakers are Marine Grade so no worries there.

    On a side note my fairing finally showed up, but sadly the weather has turned cold here in Ohio and I do not have a safe heated garage to paint in (open flame heat doesn't play well with paint fumes) so I won't be installing my fairing until spring when things warm up enough to paint. J is loving rubbing in how comfortable she is on these cold morning rides into work. Up until 2 weeks ago she was still only wearing her normal leather gloves while I had my Winter Gauntlets with Hot Hands packs stuffed inside them for my ride.

    Have a Great Holiday Season everyone.


  9. yhoower

    Thanks for the update Dawg. My fairing will be here today so I'll probably be starting my install soon. I plan on fitting it on the bike before sending it out to be painted.

  10. GaryTJ15

    I just read through this whole thread and I was going, yep, I remember that, through the whole thing. I did the same thing on my wifes 950, about the same time as you were doing this, but I had not found this forum at that time. It brings back some memories, A few of them even good. LOL

    I did move my wifes headlight up and forward about 2" and may even go a little farther before I am real happy with that part. I made a couple of metal tabs the right length and curved them into an "s" shape for the lower two bolts and used a threaded rod curved into an "s" to space the upper. All in all a fairly easy job.

    Thanks for the write up, and good work!

  11. LasjDavk

    Hi All,

    If you remember I mentioned somewhere in this thread about putting in a water deflector to protect the radio since it is not a Marine grade or waterproof.

    I do not take credit for this mod, a member on the VTX Cafe showed it to me.

    Anyway, these afterMarget fairings are not "WaterTight". If you get caught in a bad enough rain storm, water can find a way in. (I think that is what took out one of her radios). Its a simple concept, put a plastic "shield" over the top of the radio and silicone it to the inside of the fairing. Any water that gets in from the top (windshield, etc) will run down and hit the plastic and be deflected around the stereo.

    J and I don't like to ride in the rain, but if we are on a trip or already out, not much you can do about it except ride in it.

    Here's a couple of pics

    I first tried a Milk Jug, but it was too small. I was going to cutup one of J's platic tubs when she found this old soft cooler liner. It fit great, just had to trim it down a bit.

    Hope this helps someone to avoid the issues we have had.

  12. jpw157

    You are one amazing dude, that is alot of hard work into this project and time commitment for your significant other. She can be proud of your accomplishments.

  13. jansc21

    I too have enjoyed reading this entire thread and must say that what an excellent job! The added pin stripe I think really made a difference.

  14. LasjDavk

    Thanks for the kind words. I really enjoy doing stuff like this. Besides I am sure you all are aware of Rule #1: Keep Momma Happy!!!

  15. macVstar97

    Thanks for posting this. I just ordered a fairing, Memphis shades Trigger-lock hardware for the 950t and a radio kit with relays and all. I never would have even thought of this if it was not for your posts here. Thanks Bro!!!
    Also what do you think of modding the MS brackets for this mount? I think I can by looks only, (I dont have brackets or fairling in hand, you have) And, any way to move the head light forward?
    Thanks again!!!!!!

  16. LasjDavk

    Thanks for posting this. I just ordered a fairing, Memphis...

    Thats the only downside to a good forum, they keep giving us more ideas of things to do and spend on our bike LOL

    As for Modding the MS bracket to attach to the OEM windshield mount, I can't help you directly since I have not seen or messed with one up close, but "anything" can be modified.

    As for moving the HL forward, I know somebody hear has already done this, maybe Mondj, can't remember for sure. Basically once you pull the decorative chrome plastic piece off you will see the bolts for the HL and Turnsignal bar, you need to make some spacers to go between the mount and the lower Tree and get longer bolts. It shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish.

  17. macVstar97

    Thanks for the update Dawg. My fairing will be...

    Was wondering how yours turned out? Do you have any pics, if so can you post some? And what brackets did you use?
    Sorry for all the questions.

  18. macVstar97

    Yes, I know what you mean, As soon as I saw this thread I was ready to do it. I had a vlx 600 for over 3 years and keep modding it and did a custom paint job on it. I just bought this scoot and gave my brother the VLX. Now I need to mod this one.
    Thanks again for taking the time for this thread!!!!

  19. macVstar97

    Hey LasjDavk, What kind of rubber molding did you use between the two pieces? (front and back fairing) I got one from ebay and it did not have one. The gap is very ugly without it. Just wondering what you did there?

  20. yhoower

    Was wondering how yours turned out? Do you have any...

    Mac I posted some new pics of my bike last weekend in the 950 Show Us Your Ride Thread if you're still interested.


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