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  1. LasjDavk

    Hi All,

    Was wondering if anyone has mounted a HD fairing on their 950. I bought one of the low cost HD knock-off fairings on EBay with the plans of fitting it onto my VTX. It is the RoadKing version. As Chance would have it, the fairing I really have wanted for 2 years (Made specifically for the VTX) went on Sale and I couldn't pass up the chance to get one.

    The ebay seller makes a version for my VTX, but I am not crazy about the fairing being held against the forks with Hose clamps thru fiberglass. The RoadKing version is made to work with Roadkings Quick Release feature so the fairing comes with heavy gage steel plates, which I can modify of course

    Anyway, I had planned on selling the HD fairing to another VTX rider and passing on the great deal I got to them, but after receiving it and checking it for damage, I held it up to J's 950 and WOW it looked sharp.

    Soooooo....I decieded to keep it for J and give her some serious tunes along with the great looks and wind protection. This Fairing has openings for 2 6x9 speakers, I think she will be able to hear the stereo

    I think I have figured out how to mount it onto the bike using the OEM Windshield brackets (wow those things are sturdy LOL) but I will need to bring the HL forward and Up a bit along with the Turnsignal Bar.

    If anyone has developed a relocation method for the HL I would greatly appreciate some pictures or info.

    If not and I am breaking new ground here, I will do my best to document my process and make the info available to yall.

    I got the fairing delivered for $153. Its not high quality but I did not expect it for the price. Most Fiberglass quality full fairings (inner and outer) start above $500. Like is said on my VTX forum, if you want a minimal paint prep, little fitting effort, flawless fairing, then stay away from these cheap Knock-offs LOL.

    But if you are up to the challenge, not afraid of a little sweat, tears and cursing, and be happy with a good looking (based on the work you put into it) fairing that you did the work then this is the one.


  2. LasjDavk

    Well since nobody chimed in I guess I will be breaking new ground on this

    Here are some pics from the sellers page of the fairing

    They don't come painted, only a light primer. They ARE NOT ready to paint. I am confident what I have planned for mounting it to the OEM windshield mounts will be sweet.

    I have been working on the Inner for the past few days, sanding, filling, priming, sanding filling priming, etc LOL Hopefully tomorrow I can do a final wet sand on the primer and shoot the color on the inner. I have chosen to go with a Dark Metalic Graphite color for the Inner (almost everybody does black and I like to be different)

    I found a Local Paint supply house that was able to get the PPG formula and mix me up some of her Liquid Silver Paint. I also picked up about an ounce of White Magic Pearl powder and plan on ghosting her Dragon on the nose of the fairing.

    This weekend we will build our Paint booth in the garage for shooting her Liquid Silver

    In about a week I should receive the XR fairing for my Honda, so it looks like it will be busy around my house, anybody feel like helping with all the sanding LOL

  3. Troober

    The metal mounts on teh lower portion oif teh fairing are for the quick release windshield mounts. If you have a quick release windshield it will just pop right on, if not you will need to get the set up for the bike to mount it. It's quite easy and several of my friends have those from Quadzilla (Same style) You should love it.

  4. LasjDavk

    The metal mounts on teh lower portion oif teh fairing...

    Hopefully she loves it, it is her bike I know I will love the fairing for my bike when I get it finished too.

    Actually the mounts are just a tad bit too narrow for her Stock windshield mounts. I chose this version of fairing specifically due to the metal plate mounting. I did not want to strap a fairing to the forks with Hose clamps around the forks and thru the fiberglass. Fiberglass is not strong and it scares me to have all that weight and vibration fatiguing the fiberglass under stress. I will make new plates that will fit the fairing and her windshield mounts.

  5. Builtink5

    I would like to do the same on my 950. Keep us posted. Thanks.

  6. HenrjD

    Looking good so far Jeff. Your being the leader, so DON'T mess up! LOL

    If you do, be sure to exclude those pictures!

  7. Builtink5

    Could you list the paint code for the liquid silver ? I'm going to make this my winter project. If you move the headlight location, will you lose the locking feature for the steering? If you were willing to get rid of the locking feature, the key could possibly be re-located. That might help with mounting of the fairing.

  8. LasjDavk

    I would like to do the same on my 950....

    Could you list the paint code for the liquid silver...

    I will definitely post info as I go along. For now I am just prepping the inner for paint, since everything builds off the inner. I should start working on the mounting this weekend. I will make templates of anything I have to fabricate, I will get the numbers off the can and post that info later for the Liquid Silver.

    As for the Headlight relocation, that will be the last thing I will probably tackle, due to what all is impacted. The fairing will be able to be mounted and used without moving the HL but to finish out the looks, most likely it will need to be moved forward and possibly up a bit.

    For those that may be following this, I will tell you now I am in not one to rush and I have a bad habit of trying to make things as good as possible (no such thing as perfection, at least I have learned that). The Example is that I am on my 4th shooting of primer on her inner, because everytime I sand after priming I see more areas that need attention. If I do shoot color this weekend, then it will have taken me only 1 week just to prep and paint the inner.

    I am not a pro painter, nor am I a pro bike mechanic. I am mechanical and an Engineer by trade so I know I can do it. I enjoy this type of tinkering and figuring out how to make things work.

    Builtink5 you have me thinking about the key relocation, that is probably the only think I don't like on this Yamaha, its in the way of a handlebar bag, maybe down behind the Jugs like on my VTX Time will tell.

    Henry, I probably will not post pics of my booboos but I will let yall know so you don't make the same mistakes.

  9. MorkKW

    Hey LD.

    Modifying what's needed in order to install that fairing should be a nice project. FYI, there have been some 1300s (and Liners) found with the HD fairing and they all seem to have worked out very nicely. One guy even rigged it to use the full complement of the HD fairing gauges and electronics.

    Please continue to keep us posted on your progress. Thanks.


  10. LasjDavk

    Here is a pic of the label for the Liquid Silver from my local Paint Supply house

  11. LasjDavk

    Well I finished the prep and Paint (I think) on the inner

    These fairing came in looking "OK" but they are not ready to shoot primer, let alone paint

    Here is the fairing out of the box

    This photo shows the Original mounting brackets, they are chrome, the white is a protective film

    You can see in this picture some of the chips and Primer cracks that need to be dealt with

    I doubt I use these plates, I have modeled them in my CAD software and will most likely make new plates that are the size and shape I need. I am thinking of using Polished Aluminum Diamond Plate for the mounting plates.

    Continued Next Post

  12. LasjDavk

    This pics shows the Inner after the initial Sanding/Filling session

    Here it is ready for the first shot of Primer, hanging from my $25 paint rack LOL

    Well after a weeks time and 4 sessions of Wet Sanding and shooting Primer, here it is ready to be Color Shot

    Continued Next Post

  13. LasjDavk

    And Finally the Inner with Color, I went with Duplicolor BMZ1160 Graphite Mica MET (38R). I must say this is a very cool color, to me a Dark Metalic Charcoal. I will shoot my fairing's Inner with the same Color (When I finally get to work on it) Should compliment her Liquid Silver Bike nicely

    I will take it out into the Sun tomorrow and look it over before I color Sand it and decide if it needs more coats or not, then I will shoot the Clear (Have to have low humidity to shoot Clear) so weather will play a factor. We will be putting together a Climate Controlled Paint Poor Mans Booth for shooting the "Real" Paint and Clear. I will detail that once we get it done.

    Tomorrow starts the work on mounts along with finishing up the Color Sanding.

    Things Still left to be Worked Out:
    1) Finalize Mounting
    2) Figure out Speaker Grills/Covers (Speakers mount from the Back, Stock Grills will not work)
    3) Bike Side Wiring Plan with Quick Detach Connector (Switched Hot, Constant Hot, Ground)
    4) Headlight Relocation
    5) Potential Key Relocation
    6) Make Windshields (Different Heights-Low and Cool, Tall and Protective)

  14. LasjDavk

    Today I figured out the Speaker Grill problem or actually Jeanette did while we were in Lowes.

    These Fairing come with some lame Felt covering the speaker openings. That had to go, I don't want anything to collect or absorb water besides it was UGLY! If you look at the Pics above you can see that the speakers will mount from Behind and there is no place to properly attach the Grills that come with most speakers.

    We spent the day at the local Flea Marget looking for material or something that could be used as a grill for the speakers. We had no luck for that, but I did find the Quick Connect Wiring connector and a kit of rubber Grommets for protecting the wires coming thru the fairing. I needed to go to Lowes for the Mounting Bracket material and thats where J made her great discovery. What we ended up getting was some corragated Aluminum. This material is found in those Gate/Grill covers for screen doors to help keep the pets from shredding the screen.

    So I traced the speaker Grills that came with her speakers onto the grating. Then simply cut them out with Tin Snips. Primed, Painted and Cleared to match the Inner.

    They should look good and provide a bit of protection for her speakers from prying fingers and such

    Here is what I will make the Mounts for the fairing from

    Its polished Aluminum Diamond plate (16Ga). I think it will be sturdy enough, the original plates were closer to 14Ga steel, but what I have designed is fairly stubby so it should be OK. I will let everyone know later if I need to change anything. The Polished Diamond plate is almost Chrome like in appearance so it should look great too.

    As for the Inner, I shot it today with 3 coats of Clear. I thought it looked great yesterday after getting color on it, but WOW the Clear really brought it to life. Tomorrow I will Color sand and Buff/Polish it and I should be done with the painting on the Inner and I can concentrate on the Mounting modifications and begin work on prepping the Outer.

    My paint Guns won't arrive until Midweek so I have lots of time to sand and Fill and sand and sand LOL.

    We still need to put our Homemade paint Booth together, but I don't need it until I shoot her Base Color and Clear. At this pace I hope to be done with this project in 2 more weeks.

    My goal is to have her completely finished for our big 9/11 Meet-N-Greet in Indianapolis Indiana. There are supposed to be around 55 VTX's and a few other Bike types there and I want her to show off her Decked out Yamaha LOL

  15. Builtink5

    Thanks Lazy Dawg. This is fun watching your progress.

  16. grizlort

    where did you get the fairing ???

    great job so far!

    watching this post close as I want to do this mod.

    looks like its gonna be tight turning the key

  17. LasjDavk

    where did you get the fairing ???great job so far!watching...

    I got my fairing from EBAY seller maxshen520

    I just checked it appears he has now set a minimum bid starting at $150 plus the $50 shipping. When I got mine the bids started at 0. It took me 3 nights of staying up late attempting to win the auction.

    This seller is still significantly less that the other guy selling these Cheap Knock-Offs (recklessmotorcycles)

    Both sellers offer a 6x9 speaker version and a 4 5.25" speaker version. Also I chose the HD RoadKing version due to the mounting method, which IMHO is the easiest to modify.

  18. LasjDavk

    I have been working on the fairing a little bit everyday, except today, got stuck at work and just too tired to work on things. I don't want to make a mistake or try to rush anything. I have 16 days to finish her fairing before our big Meet-N-Greet so I have plenty of time left

    Here are some updated pics of the Sanded, Polished and Buffed Inner

    Monday night I color sanded it, then applied some Polish Compound and hand polished then hand buffed it. OMG were my arms tired. due to all the contours on the Inner it doesn't suit well to a Power Polisher, I should be able to use a power polisher on the Outer when the time comes (I hope!)

    We think it looks awesome.

    Also on Monday the 3rd Radio Weather Cover I ordered arrived. It is made by Pyle and thankfully this one fits the radio opening in this fairing. It also has a shelf to help support the stereo. Unfortunately it comes White. So I disassembled it then scuffed all the areas to be painted with a Maroon Scuff pad. Then primed and painted it the same color as the Inner.

    Here is a picture of the Weather cover before I painted it

    Continued nest post

  19. LasjDavk

    My goal this week was to get the Mounting built. Tuesday I started working on the mounts.

    I took the Diamond plate and covered both sides with Blue painters tape for 2 reasons 1) To protect the polished finish from scratchs and 2) to see my layout lines for cutting and drilling

    Next I traced the portion of the original Road King mounts onto the plate to be cut

    Then I drilled the Fairing side mounting holes along with a few access holes for the saw blade

    I used a 26 tooth Jig Saw blade and cut out the profile. It cut the aluminum like butter LOL. After cutting I sanded all the edges on my Drill Press then filed away all the burrs

    Here they are with the blue tape removed

    I had hoped to finish the mounting work with the Bike side mounts tonight, but I got held up at work for a little over 12 hours and didn't get home until around 7:30. After doing the family duties and a very late dinner Im just too beat LOL

    The only positive thing today was that my Paint Guns arrived. Hopefully work is a bit more mellow tomorrow and I can get out at a decent hour and get home and finish the mounts


  20. ylvrikhd

    Don't lose those patterns. Your friends are gonna need them.


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