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  1. cowenandranch

    Don't know if this has been addressed.
    What brand/model jack do you use.
    Has anyone had experience with the Sears Craftsman 00950190000, Mfr. model #34612 Jack? It's the red one, not the yellow one.
    I appreciate your input

  2. Jonezpoj

    Bought mine at Harbor Freight, but same style. I don't know about the Stratoliner, but my Road Star is flat across the bottom and just jack it up. Some of the bikes have the portion of the engine below the frame rails and require some modification, but no biggie.

  3. tunc

    this was posted on the 1100 site dont know if it might help

    some of the customer pics are interesting

  4. Bikyohn3608

    Sorry i just aquired the yellow one havnt used it yet


  5. 1CuzdominFL

    Harbor Freight model 2792. 1500lb capacity for $79 on sale can't beat it.

  6. ritinktouple

    Harbor Freight model 2792. 1500lb capacity for $79 on sale can't beat it.
    I bought 2 of these saturday,,,works great,,,

  7. MorkKW


    I looked at the model you listed and it's identical to one a friend purchased. Apparently, it's a very nice jack, but he said it doesn't fit properly beneath his V Star 1300 without a little modification for a safety precaution. Here's part of the email he sent:

    Yep, that's a craftsman jack and let me tell you it was a bear getting it under (the bike). First of all the pads are to short for our bike so beware. Our bike just measures 13" on center and the pads are just over 13 1/2" so I made a couple of blocks and added to it.

    This may, or may not, be similar to what you'll find with your Strat, but you may want to take a couple of measurements to be sure. I know of others who use the jack from Harbor Freight with good results. One thing for sure, these jacks make a nice difference when cleaning and performing general maintenance.

    Stay well.
    Morg - Key West

  8. A1zbordztat

    Sorry i just aquired the yellow one havnt used it yet "Photobucket"

    I also have the Sears aluminum yellow motorcycle jack. You may have to modify it to use on your bike depending on what you have. I have the VStar 1100 and I had to modify it since (1) the engine drops below the frame, (2) the left side front of the frame is lower than the right and (3) the saddle of the jack that will support the bike was not long enough for me to feel comfortable. I have a thread in here somewhere that details what I did. I believe if you search "Motorcycle Lift" you will find it if you care to look it up.

  9. yec18

    I just bought what looks like the same jack from Northern Tools, on sale Thanksgiving weekend for $69.99. It's a Torin T64017. My Roadliner is sitting on it as we speak, waiting for the snow to melt. I haven't used it to do any work yet, but it seems very solid. No changes to the jack were needed.

  10. peno1866roatzdar

    It sounds like the jack from Northern Tools is what I am going to buy in the morning in Melbourne. (thats Melbourne Fl for Aussie) I think it will make detailing, and my oil changes easier for me. I am sort of new at motorcycles so I am open to suggestions on how to clean one up properly. I have a 2006 pearl white silverado and I want to keep it show room new. Thanks guys for any input you may have.

  11. chaser38

    this was posted on the 1100 site dont know if it might help of the customer pics are interesting

    I looked at this site and the lift is very cool and looks like a great piece of equipment. However, having called the number and talking to the "dude" on the other end, I have come to realize that you pretty much need to be a metal fabricator and welder. He couldn't give any idea on the price to build it, but mumbled something about $250-$500, but that was before the price of steel "went crazy". So, there's another example of a good idea with poor marketing/customer service skills just killing it. In other words, this guy was more interested in his balony sandwich than helping me....Oil Well.

  12. peno1866roatzdar

    I went down and bought the jack from Northern Tools and it fit perfectly under my Road Star. I will wait to jack it up for the first time when I have some help in case I screw up. Which it wouldn't be the first time. I started lifting the bike and when the wheels started moving on the jack, I backed off and decided to wait for help if it decides to fall. Is there anything unexpected I need to be aware of in the lifting, or lowering back to the kick stand?

  13. pawdvin

    Ihave the red one your talking about. I like it, it fits great on the Warrior. the only thing that i dont like is the tie off points for the straps thay are on the frame of the lift instead of the "lifting surface" when you need to raise or lower the bike, wrench clearance or whatever, you loosen straps adjust and retighten. this may be a problem with all lifts i haven't looked at other desighns. (mine was a birthday present) Hope this helps

  14. zecdion2yoe

    i bought a lift too. What types of modification do you do to make it work with the vstar?


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