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Mother Yammie needs to do some explaining...

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  1. VTvinChic

    Well, got the air intake in and installed...partially. Went to re-install the original center mounting stud only to have it shear off inside the throttle body frame. It appears there is some corrosion on the mounting stud itself that caused weakness. So my friends, it is gray and raining, I sit here with a sheared off bolt, and my new air kit is waiting.

    It's a minor issue, but I'm not sure if I should even bother with it myself or take it to the dealer so they are made aware that there is a problem. What do you think? I'm so fuming ticked. How the F does a bike this new have this sort of corrosion?????

  2. VTvinChic

    and to top it off, I can't even find the PN on the Star parts catalogue!

  3. formerfuss

    That's a big time bummer. I am not sure which bolt you are talking about though. Was it a bolt from the kit, or from the throttle body?

  4. MorkKW

    First, I'm sorry to hear about your super-frustrating experience. Personally, I would without question bring it to the attention of the dealer's Gen. Mgr, or Sale Mgr, also its Svc Mgr. I'd want to be certain it was recorded and in your file, not expecting any further issues, but.....


  5. VTvinChic

    Let's start here:

    Second pic shows the mounting stud in place (on the 1300 - identical to ours). The OEM stud is required to mount the Thunder (and likely others) kit.

  6. Suzhipiger

    Well that sucks. Good luck getting the dealer to help.

  7. dveag29

    Aaaah...Got it now.

  8. VTvinChic

    It can be backed out, and I can do the work, but I'd like for them to see what happened - that corrosion on the right bolt should never have happened on a bike that's less than a year old. That's just not right.

  9. formerfuss

    I don't think the issue is how old the bike is, but how old the bolt is. Also, where and how these bolts are stored.

  10. peertuge

    Ah that sucks and i feel your pain nearly ever day at work, iowa salt and used car's makes it interesting getting things apart sometimes.

  11. VTvinChic

    Look at it this way, I might get treated to a loaner 'Liner if they have to keep it overnight! LOL!!!

  12. micg10

    seems like dodgy workmanship with whoever made the bolt! good luck with getting your problem fixed.

  13. tunc

    hope ya get it sorted VTC one way or the other
    i think id make sure they know about it in case there is another 1 somewhere else

    dont enjoy the liner to much if ya get a loaner
    id give ya a scooter

  14. VTvinChic

    seems like dodgy workmanship with whoever made the bolt! good luck with getting your problem fixed.
    Service manager agreed with that and it's going in on Tues night. If all goes right, it should be done by Weds afternoon. They're good folks, so I have no doubt they'll do it right.

    Four bikes and copious amounts of accessories later, me and my credit card are long standing customers with them, so they know darn well that whatever bike they give me (so long as it is above the 950) is going to temp me terribly. God give me the strength to keep my bikes titles at bay!


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