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Morons mowing grass.

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  1. aogzz

    I beleive that most if not all non-riders dont even...

    I agree But it still gets to me GRRRR......

  2. Ninja74

    if it doesn't get stuck to my bike i love ripping through it and watching it swirl but im alittle off

  3. Driwetapisnezz

    I'm more concerned when they fire up their blowers at 7:30 on a Sunday a.m....

  4. tvillart67649

    I'm more concerned when they fire up their blowers at...

    7:30 wow your neighbors are nice. I am up and doing yard work and stuff by about 6:30 7:00 at the latest. Get all that boring stuff done early so you can enjoy the rest of the day fishing at the lake.

  5. gerowicg

    If I have a foot of snow in my largish drive way and have to go to work I'll be firing up the snowblower at 6am.

    I'm sure as hell not going to shovel when I have a tool to do it for me.

  6. moon90

    LOL, I think there are more serious things in my...


  7. JBLee327

    My neigbor is a Mormon, he keeps a very nice lawn and I appreciate it very much. I see nothing wrong with Mormon's mowing grass. Oh...uh...wait a said MORONS...well then...nevermind...



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