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Monster Pro Pipe CeramiKrome from Pacific Coast Star

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  1. KDok

    Perhaps one of you guys can help out. I brought this over from the Raider Forum.

    I got the Pacific Coast Star lead from someone's post of another topic on this site so I checked them out. At They have exhaust pipes for the V Star 1100 called: Monster Pro Pipe CeramiKrome. These things are pretty interesting so I emailed them and they say they are developing a selection for the Raider.
    From Their Site: “These pipes are ceramic coated (internally and externally) to withstand constant high heat of 1600F degree constant and 2100F degree intermittent. These pipes will not blue…”
    My QUESTION 1:
    Are these pipes hotter in the leg area then say comparable double walled Vance & Hines, BUB, HK Kromes, etc…? OR because they are ceramic coated they wick away heat efficiently?

    "Our CeramiKrome pipe provides a chrome-like silver finish”.
    My QUESTION 2:
    Is a better close-up picture available of the “Chrome-like silver finish”?

    Their answers:
    Yes we will have them for the Raider soon.

    Due to the ceramic coating, they dissipate heat very quickly, and run cooler than “chrome” pipes. But because they dissipate the heat, it may seem that they run a bit hotter.

    For a better picture of the CeramiKrome pipe you can look at our 1100 Monster Pipe page, and our gallery pictures.

    Let us know if you have any more questions,
    mailto:info (at)
    (509) 466-3410 TECH SUPPORT/ORDER STATUS
    (888) 618-9555 FOR PLACING ORDERS ONLY (no tech support or order status calls please)

    My question to the forum brotherhood: Does anyone have any direct experience with these pipes? Are they too hot to be near? Please add any other relevant comment or thought you can share.

  2. jkd4

    Yes there are hot but so are all exhaust pipes, heat shields are pretty much just to cover the actual pipes which discolor. I have installed these pipes before and they are loud but they do perform well. The ceramic coating is not as shiney as chrome but I like the looks of them. My experience with PCS has all been well except for 1 set of pipes that where coated in black and I think it had more to do with the customer than the pipes. If you like them and cant find anyone who has a set then ask PCS about a return if you do not install them just to make sure when you get them you like them.

  3. yoyo

    they are very hot. i had to put exhust wrap on them. oh and the coating sucks it started to flack off after a month. the pipes are too thin and couldnt withstand the heat they cracked on me and they wont warrenty them because i put the wrap on. i like them but there just too thin for me. i need a thicker set.

  4. chilibebber

    The coating does offer some cooling and do make the pipes cool down quicker. I dont know about the Monster Pipes as tha tmay be a peoduct that they manufacture. However I am putting thw Ripsaws on mine and I found that Broward Motor Sports is about 70 bucks cheaper than PCS.

  5. 2WheelPik

    I have the PCS Monster Pro CeramiKrome pipes; purchased them used. They were in good condition, but I found they developed rust fairly easily if I didn't wipe them down after riding. I have not found a way to get the rust off without marring the surface, so I'll probably be in the market for new pipes or explore the possibility of using hi-temp paint to paint them.

    As far as the looks, it's difficult to describe. They don't have the "mirror" reflection that chrome offers, but instead a surface that is shiny and has some reflection. I can try taking some pics of mine if you would like. The welds were more pronouced than what I've seen in other pipes. It's my opinion that these pipes are geared more towards performance than looks.

    I didn't find them to be any hotter than any other pipes.

    Hope I've helped. . .

  6. KDok

    I seem to have heard enough about these pipes and it appears they are not for me or what I am looking for from a set of pipes. Yes I want the performance but the good looks and quality too! From what I have read these do not appear to be worth the savings of a few hundred dollars in my opinion. Thanks again for the input. Be safe out there.


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