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  1. tadicglah

    Ok so I just got my tax refund and the easy route is to blow it all ..and then some, here is the real question. My buddies all ride bigger bikes 1100 - 1800 cc's and they are always waiting for me to catch up. can I get a significant upgrade from exhaust and intake or should I try to convince the wife for a new bike and trade/sell my 06 650 custom.

    BTW I really like the Yamaha 1300 ,Honda 1300c and the Kawi 1500. A local dealer has an 06 1300c for $7299

  2. VzdarManiac

    from what I have read, even with upgrades, your 650 will not be an 1100 or higher. I know you can gain some torque and HP, but nothing compared to a bigger bike. I just did a ride with 5 other bikes, smallest was an 1100 and I had no problem staying with them at all.

  3. TheYammieGuj

    Ive got HK strippers and Hypercharger and can keep up easily.

  4. tadicglah

    hmmm one for one against both of you seem to be able to keep up with your buddies maybe I ride with a bunch of A-Holes and need different friends. I'll tough it out a while longer on my 650....

  5. yohntoe1

    the 650 is a good bike ,i rode one for a good 2 years or more befor trading up to my 1100.the 650 should be able to keep up ..mine had exhaust and jet kit and i had no problem getting it up to 75-80 mph......not that i ride that fast but it would do it no the time i was riding with my friend who had a sportster 1200........the bigger 1100 does have more pull and more torq.that sounds like a sweet deal on the 1300 ...go for it man.

  6. tadicglah

    We are house hunting so no new bike for me :-(

    theres always next season

  7. VzdarManiac

    good luck on the house.

  8. hammer717

    Is any one using a dyna 3000 on thier 650?

  9. TheYammieGuj

    its a waste of money on the 650


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