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Mobil 1 Oil Filter?

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  1. Philo107

    Do they make oil filters for the 650?

    The oil seems to work well (after 1 hour the cyliners are 200 degrees though...)

  2. recumpendpop

    No they don't.

    Here is a list of filters from this web site:

    Oil Filters

    • Yamaha 4X7-13440-90-00 (replaces 4X7-13440-01-00)
      • O-RING 93210-64297-00
    • Amsoil replacement oil filter SMF-111.
    • NAPA PFI PS4935
    • Purolator ml16805
    • Per-form J-511
    • Fram ch6004 - comes with O ring
    • Wix Filter #24936 - comes with O ring
    • STP smo-5
  3. mels75yj

    Also, there's the K&N filter. KN-145

  4. virefaceone

    That Fram filter no longer comes with the correct O Ring....ask me how I know It comes with 3 different rings, all of which are useless to our bikes. The filters work great but no o ring. I dont know why they stopped putting ours in there. It used to come with the correct one.

  5. ethioss

    No they don't.Here is a list of filters from this...

    The NAPA crosses to a Wix 24935 not the 24936. Although on Wix's web page the filters look the same but the 935 come with 3 rings and the 936 only has 2.
    The 24935 does cross with the old OEM #4x7-13440-01.

    I even talked to someone at Wix and was told they do not show an application for (my) 2006 XVS650, but do show that 23935 fits the 2004.
    I am guessing they are the same. Correct? or not?

  6. retzdaret

    Yes, they use the same filter. I'm running the Wix in my 07 right now with no trouble.

  7. Philo107

    Is there a "best" or all about the same?

  8. retzdaret

    The nice thing about cartage filters is you can look at them and see just how good they are. I have used Yamaha, Wix, and K&N. All have been good quality filters and I would not hesitate to use any of them again. Wix has been the best priced one so I will prob stick with them. I also use them in my cars. I know they are great filters.

  9. virefaceone

    Looking at the pictures of that 935, it looks like the same 3 rings that now come with the fram,all of which do not work. The pictures on the 936,the bigger ring of the 2 you get with it looks to be the correct one. The Fram used to only come with 2 rings as well when it had the correct one. I wonder which one it is, I am kind of banking on the 936 having the right ring judging by the pictures. None of the 3 look the right size in the picture on that 935.

  10. virefaceone

    Yes, they use the same filter. I'm running the...

    did you use the 936 or the 935???

  11. retzdaret

    I have the box in my garage, I'll look when I get home. I know the O rings are not the right size. I keep a few spares of the real Yamaha ones just in case I need to change one. You do not need to change them every time.

  12. virefaceone

    I changed mine with the Fram filter a few days ago and of course it didnt have the ring so I used the old one...seems it is worn I guess. I am getting a leak on the front bottom bolt. Not the ones onder the "points" cover but the bottom one on the main cover on the outside.My closest Yamaha dealer doesnt have it in stock and the next closest is a way longer drive. Trying to find another filter here in town at a parts store that has the right ring so i can get on the road. i am wasting to much nice weather!!!!

  13. tillikaff

    I use the Wix filters The 24936 is the correct filter for the 650 with O-ring.
    The 24935 is the filter for the 1100. the filters are the same. It is just a different O-ring set.
    Between my brother & I we change oil on 6 bikes, 4-650s & 2-1100s. Needless to say we buy a lot of filters.

  14. retzdaret

    That explains it. I'm home now and I have the 24935. The filters work, but the O rings do not.

  15. virefaceone

    That explains it. I'm home now and I have...

    Thats what i figured from looking at the pictures. The 3 that come with that one appear to be the exact same 3 that come with the fram now. The fram even has the same orange one that is in the picture. On a side note, does the leak i described a couple of posts ago sound like a pretty likey side effect of a worn o ring? Only thing i can think of. The bolt certainly doesnt give any signs of being stripped.

  16. retzdaret

    Could very well me. Did you coat it with fresh oil before you put it back on to get a good fit?

  17. virefaceone

    Could very well me. Did you coat it with...

    Yeah, i did. But I think this would actually make this rings 3rd tour of duty since I did not change it out last time. It seemed to have a very slight flat feel to it all the way around on one side and I am assuming it just needs a new one at this point. I am just going to switch from using fram and start using the WIX now that i know it will come with the right ring.Really kinda made me mad when Fram decided to change what the filter came with.They have been good filters for me and they are a couple of bucks cheaper here in town compared to the WIX. Oh well. Wix has a pretty solid history of being a good product. That will be my new go to.


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