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  1. drjuansimpson590

    I have a '06 1100 Silverado, I recently pulled the carbs off to clean them up and a general check. I had a picture of the carbs from an article I was reading on rejetting. I noticed that a screw and fiber washer was missing. It's the one to the left of the PMS plug in this photo. Can anyone tell me what this screw does and do I need to worry about it. Thanks Blake

  2. bkman


    Your link didn't work for me. Congrats on the "new" bike - it is a good one and will serve you well if you keep the oil changed and keep those valves adjusted. I wonder if you are referring to the infamous "missing screw" on the bottom of the carbs. I've had my 2008 since the day I rode it off the showroom floor, and there have always been two holes, one on each carb, that looks like something fell out. I am not sure why they are there, but they apparently serve no purpose. Since I couldn't see your photo, I must assume these are the holes you are referencing. If not, I apologize for the bad information.

  3. drjuansimpson590

    Thanks bkman,

    I changed the link to a picture, hope this helps...

  4. bkman

    Okay, now I see the photo, and my last comment stands. My bike has never had that screw - just an empty hole - and I bought it brand-new. I don't know what that screw is for, but it must not be important. It looks to me (from the photo you posted) that the carb heater is broken on that carburetor. Since this is not YOUR carb, that is immaterial to this thread.

  5. drjuansimpson590

    OK, Thanks, I didn't know and thought it might cause a vacuum leak or something...


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