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Mine is now sitting in the garage!!!

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  1. Zoom181

    Well I didn't want to jinx anything by telling and now it's sitting in my garage all nice and shiny and it is even better than I had hoped, I got what I wanted in the beginning! I got my Liquid Silver. All the colors are gorgeous, the 950 is a gorgeous bike and I am thrilled that a silver bike was found for me. I am now in the 950 gang and couldn't be happier, what a ride!!

  2. VTvinChic

    Congrats, Zoom181! I'm glad you got what you wanted after all. Enjoy!

  3. puppaco

    Congrats!! Great choice on the color too.

  4. peertuge

    Grats on your new toy, it is a great bike that still grows on me more and more daily.

    Ok now that ya had it a hour lets get the drill out LOL

  5. owidjonz

    Congratulations, it is really great that you got the Bike you wanted. Welcome to the 950 gang!

  6. TheGoltj

    Congrats on the new bike. You're going to love it even more because you got the one you wanted. Now for even more fun times, riding and modding. :-)

  7. zhagenpage

    Congratulations man! it just gets even better as it breaks in enjoy!

  8. micg10

    congrats on your new bike. be prepared to have that smile on your face for quite a while.

  9. TerrjB


    Grats on the bike and getting what you wanted. Many happy miles and smiling days to come.

  10. Zoom181

    Thanks everyone!

    Yesterday was exhausting but exhilarating at the same time, didn't sleep much the night before...would never guess why ROFL..... went to work knowing that I might get to pick up my beauty.

    I still can't quite get it logged in my brain that I have the silver bike sitting in the garage just for me. I have to go out there every once in a while and check to make sure I'm not dreaming. NOPE, can't dream if ya can't sleep.

    I rode it home and felt very comfortable on it, didn't feel awkward at all, the bike is perfect. Can't wait to start adding. I already have lights to put on the forks. I have highway pegs but will order the engine guard next week. Lots of stuff to do.....will do as finances allow but want to get the most important on to make it comfortable for me.

  11. formerfuss

    Congrats...Welcome to the "Gang"...

  12. DRSRoamer901

    Congrats on your purchase. I think the silver is a great choice.
    Let the fun begin.

  13. Soonerfan760

    Congrats and you made the right choice....I love mine more every day

  14. zdormkade

    great choice! everytime i ride my 950 i just don't want to stop. whenever i go to the shed where she is parked i always clean her up just a little... i think i'm obsessed...

  15. Subercap55

    Everyday you'll love it even more!!!

  16. yyaj69

    Very Cool! I just signed the paperwork yesterday on my blackcherry tourer. I went ahead and had them add the engine guards, bag guards and trim rail and the luggage rack. still with all that and the extended warrenty it was under 10 out the door. They're even going to deliver the bike to my house free of charge on Friday. Can't wait to ride it, I'm sure I'll have that same silly smile on my face as the rest of you for a long time.

  17. formerfuss

    JJ, that will be a long two days. Like waiting for Christmas. We know what you will be doing this wekend!

  18. zdarkuj20

    Congrats to Zoom181 and to JJ! You both have made an awesome choice in bikes.

  19. Zoom181

    Congrats jjay on your purchase also.

    Thanks again everyone for the congrats. It rained a little here this morning so I didn't get to ride much today but did go out this evening to for a few miles, the bike is awesome. I know we are gonna get along just great.

  20. Shebhertezz

    Zoom181, Mine is Liquid Silver too. I think the colour is so hot, I refer to it as Liquid Sex (is biking better than sex?! That's another thread...)

    It's great to have another Lady Biker who does her own work too! The other is VTvinChic, NOT me. Altho, I'm thankful I know how to turn the ignition on....I'm pretty mechanically challenged but I can point to where the engine is! LOL!

    Enjoy your new BFF!


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