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metzeler me 880 marathon

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  1. yzcoodermac

    Any of you guys had any dealings with this tire? handling, wear etc,also what is the widest you can go ?They sell a 200/70 15 xxl.

  2. placgpeaudj

    Hey I put a set of these on a Honda Spirit I used to have. Really liked the way they handled and rode. Needing a new set this winter on my bike and am leaning very hard at putting them on it. Didn't keep the old bike long enough to tell how they were really going to wear but everyone I have talked to seemed to think they wore really well.

  3. yzcoodermac

    Thanks i've read good things about this tire i'm wondering what is the widdest you can go on the 1100

  4. quicgmicg

    I'm trying to remember....we talked about tire width a while back....I think a 210 is the widest that will fit.....but not 100% sure

  5. bazdorrop1

    Metzlers rock! I love mine. Much better for me than the factory Bridgestones. I feel a lot more stable on the Metzlers. I think you can go to Metzlers web site and it will show you the biggest tire you can mount.

    Good luck!


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