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Metric Magic Under Tank Pod Mod done

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  1. HouseOPain

    I finally got my pod mod done, and I'm really pleased with the results.
    Why I got it done:
    When I bought my 2005 V-Star 1100 it had carburetor problems from sitting too long at the former owners. I managed to clean the carb out some but had been dealing with stutters and hesitation in low gears that were just irritating.

    OK, so since I knew I was going to have to pull the carb, I decided to do a pod mod while I'm in there.

    Why I choose Metric Magic:
    Tim has developed a good reputation as a carb expert and for good customer service, and his prices are great too. After tons of research on Pods and options for kits or for a DIY setup I opted to get Tims under the tank pod mod:

    Tim seems to have a lot of fans at the Delphi 1100 forums

    And a lot of good customer feedback, so I checked out his web site and decided on the Under the tank pod mod. I was impressed that I could send Tim my carbs and he would clean them, bench sync them and install the required jets for only $50.00!

    Tim sells PMS screws with easy adjust heads so I opted for a set of them ($45):
    Tim did a quick turnaround for me too, getting them done in about 3 days.

    I've never done carb work on a bike before, but the instructions on the Knowledge Base web site is terrific for all the information you need:

    A mod to the mod:
    Thanks to Fulldild1, I copied his PCV mod and bought and installed the brass elbows and 'T' fitting to route the crankcase vent hose up into the top of the pods.

    After everything was installed I then went about making a two bottle type carb sync tool ( ) and synchronized my carbs.

    I took the bike for a decent test ride today and am very happy with the smoothness and power from this mod.

    Thanks TIM, Fulldild1, and everyone on this site for the great information and inspiration you offer here.

    I'd like to add that I had several questions and Tim B. at Metric Magic answered them all for me right away. Everything I needed was shipped and securely packaged to prevent damage. Anyone considering this mod but who might be intimidated by opening the carbs, just do as I did and send your carbs to Tim and have him install the jets and bench sync the carb for you. Every time I ride now I have a big smile on my face : )

  2. quicgmicg

    Glad you got it going. That's a great mod and will bring you tons of smiles. It's hard to beat Tim's service.

  3. 78ordon

    Amazing difference huh?

  4. Fulldild1

    LOL I just co-opted Mama Yama and added a PCV. Glad you got it going, +1 on the difference in performance. +1000 to DS, and all those who have contributed, for providing the KB!!

  5. retzdaret

    this thread should never have gone this way. (several posts needing to be deleted) It's not even a controversial topic. I'm closing it.

  6. retzdaret

    At the request of House of Pain who opened this thread, I am going to reopen this thread. Please stay to the topic and refrain from attacking other members.


  7. Fulldild1

    House Noticed in your Sig the sizes of your jets. Is this the way Tim setup your carb? 152.5/22.5 and one shim? Most are running 2 shims, with one additional to the original one installed from factory.

  8. HouseOPain


    I cut-n-pasted the sizes of jets from a message Tim sent me (His answer to my question of what sizes he installed). Size 152.5 & 22.5 is what he said he installed. I wasn't aware that there is already a shim from factory, but Tim installed a shim so I suppose there are two in there then.

    Thanks for clearing that up. Tim suggested 1 turn out on the PMS screw as a good starting point and that seemed to work perfect for me.

    I'll correct my sig. . .

  9. Fulldild1

    LOL I wasn't trying to correct anything. Tim probably knows these carbs better than anyone. If he's doing something different I want to know.

  10. yajparoo

    I'm in the process of doing the pod mod myself, and got the jets and shims from Tim too. First set never arrived, but after talking with him on the phone, he got another set out to me in just a couple days. What an awesome guy. I'm really impressed with him, and can certainly appreciate all his good feedback from you folks in here. Very accurate indeed, and well deserved. Can't wait to get this scoot torn down!!!!!!


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