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Messed up Chrome

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  1. A1zbordztat

    This one really pissed me off. I just installed the Phat Performance ORK on my 1100. The chrome piece on the side of the engine that used to hide the oil filter cover is no longer used with this setup. The ORK includes a chrome piece that goes in it place with bypass lines to the newly mounted external filter. There is now an entire section of chrome on the side of the crankcase that is now exposed. Mine has a very ugly 2 inch diameter area that looked all motled like a big fisheye in the chrome. Can't think of anything I can do about it. Won't rub out. I guess Yamaha didn't worry about it since it doesn't show with the stock setup. Anybody else have this issue? Any ideas to try and hide it?


  2. wzdar6

    There is a piece you can buy that's call a TORK that covers that area. I bought it and it looks great. Some have cut the old cover to fit. I think the TORK is in the J&P cat. with the ORKS.

  3. yaro

    There are couple threads on modifying a stock cover here. I didn't do mine yet but it is on my list. Or you can buy TORK cover from Barons.

    There was a second option on leaving the whole circle in, but you have to grind the back of the cover. I know it is somewhere on this site.

  4. A1zbordztat

    Thanks Guys. I will look into the aftermarket TORK's.

  5. MorkKW

    I sent you a PM.
    Take care.

  6. A1zbordztat

    Tom,I sent you a PM. Take care.

    I tried using the 0000 steel wool with the chrome cleaner. No luck. It may have taken a little of it away, but it is still there. I'm not worried about it for now. I will probably eventually modify my stock plate to make a TORK out of it, but not right now. Thanks for the suggestion though.


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