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Memphis shades on a 98

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  1. craftcricutouyp385

    I,m doing a little work on My 98 Royal Star over the winter.
    Air box mod,D3k,iridium plugs,etc.Adding a couple of shiny things.
    Any way I want to change my windshield,but try to keep the stock mounts.I like the look of the Memphis shades graidient black shield.
    Has any one fitted one of these to a Royal Star mount?
    thanks jim

  2. Jonezpoj

    Go to and you can get a windshield only replacement and re-use your chrome. I got the dark and that was a mistake as you could not see thru it at all.

  3. craftcricutouyp385

    I noticed CeeBaileys mentioned while reading some other threads.They're probably going to be My best bet.I was thinking about the light gray and may be the dark gray lowers? not sure yet if I'll use lowers.The cost is reasonable compared to other places.


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