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MC Enterprises Bars and Lowers

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  1. dos

    Is there anyone out there who is running MC Enterprises crash bars and lowers? I made some homemade ones that are decent but I didnt get them just right. I like the looks of the HD lowers but I dont think the bars provide enough clearance. Buck says he has lowers that will work so I called him and he didnt act like he had actually seen them on a bike with my setup. After looking at my bike/crash bars I really dont see how either of these lowers could be used.

    Any ideas? I'm highly debating selling my MC bars and ordering OEM bars from Heather and then buying HD lowers. The worst part about that is I like the look of the MC bars better than the OEM.

  2. MorkKW

    Hey toz.

    With those engine guards, I've only read that lower won't fit unless they are modified. A few made their own and others had to trim the lowers they had just enough to clear the guards. One said he bought the Memphis Shades lowers thinking they would work, but didn't. He also had to trim them along the top of the lowers.

    Take care.


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