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Maxair on a 07

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  1. nokkinz33

    I am looking for anyone that has installed the maxair on a 06 or newer bike. I wanted to know if you did the carb mods or just installed the kit. I am leaning to the chubby kit right now but don't like the carb mods. Drilling and grinding on my carbs scares the hell out of me.

  2. wzdartan

    Regardless of the kt you choose, the carbs should be modified. The bike will run too lean if you do not. JMHO

  3. bkman

    Regardless of the kt you choose, the carbs should be modified. The bike will run too lean if you do not.
    This is consistent with information I got from another web page, and it really did concern me when I read it. I spoke to Lee at Maxair (he's the owner, I believe) and he assured me that this would not happen.

    I have an '08, and I installed the Predator Pro kit on my bike (with the needles, jets and PM screws that they provide). The thing runs really well - much better than it was out of the box (I did a full exhaust at the same time as the intake mods). I did NOT do the full modification as prescribed on the other website (I was just as concerned about drilling and grinding as noggins AND I wanted to be able to put everything back to OEM if I needed to).

    I will say that my bike DOES seem to run on the lean side, but it doesn't appear to be any more so than it was with the OEM jetting and intake? I am closely watching my plugs, and they consistently look like #17 thru #19 on this comparison chart.

    I don't know if that really means anything - maybe that IS too lean, but as I said, the bike runs real well. It needs just a little bit of choke to get going when it's cold and there is no popping or anything on deceleration. I've had the Predator kit on my bike for about 1200 miles now, and so far there doesn't seem to be any sign of accelerated wear on the plugs. The pipes are discoloring some right where they come out of the engine, but I am not terribly concerned about this because they have full heat shields (which have not discolored at all). Also, I've been told by many people that Cobra pipes tend to discolor more than some of the more expensive brands. I have considered raising the needles just a bit, to enrich the mixture a touch, but the dang thing runs so well that I don't want to touch anything.

    Take this for what it's worth - it's free information. I am not an expert, which is the very reason I didn't want to start drilling and grinding on my brand-new bike. I plan to continue pulling the spark plugs every 5-6 hundred miles or so just to keep tabs on this (at least until I know that it is not changing significantly), but the first 1000 miles seem to be within tolerance. Of course, if I see evidence that my bike is running way too lean, I will certainly re-consider my decision and take immediate action. Until then, I ride.

  4. LiddleBen

    Iam not an expert either. However, anytime your pipes get more than just a hint of blue. The bike is probably running too hot in the heads. too lean equals higher head temps. That being said, I have modified my carbs only to the point of changing the Main jets and needles. I did no grinding or drilling except to change the mixture setting by drilling out the seals to expose the mixture screws. I run a monsterPro pipe from PCS and it is still shiny like new all the way to the flanges and bolts at the ports.I also did some other mods ie: cams and an air kit. Thunder charger breather. Did the air kit and pipe and jets Before the cams. In my opinion a Dyna Jet kit is cheaper than two new heads or a teardown and valve job. Why risk it. Just my 2 cents worth., LB

  5. wzdartan

    FWIW, Let me just say also that by NO means am I an expert either. The information I gave you is the result of doing a quite a bit of research for the purpose of installing pods and cams in my bike this winter. LittleBen and bkman have already done some of these things to their bikes, so their experience is no doubt greater than mine. I get a lot of information from this forum, and the Delphi forum. I know you are a member of the Delphi forum also.
    My response to your post is based on extensive information from the Delphi K.B., and many other members of that forum that I would classify as expert tuners and builders. Those guys have made many dyno runs with a lot of different setups to generate the information on that site. These dyno runs have provided consistant data showing that the late model V*'s suffer from a lean condition when running pod air kits without doing the "Max effort" carb. mod. This is how the mod. came to be developed.
    I have also read a few threads on the same site by folks who did not do the carb. mods., and had no problems. I think there is even a suggested jetting set up for those who do not wish to do the mod's. in their K.B. (although it is strongly discouraged). I am sure you have read this.
    I am happy to hear that bkman and LittleBen have had no problems with their bikes without doing the mod's. My intent in replying to you post was simply to offer some information that I had acqiured through my own research, and to make you aware that there is some information out there that indicates there is a possibility of "severe" engine damage if one runs one of these motors too lean for too long. Good luck in whatever you decide, and let us know how it works out for you!

  6. bkman


    The consensus on the Delphi forum does seem to be that there is more to modifying a catalyst-equipped V-Star than the non-catalyst version. For this reason, they caution readers against doing the "minimum effort" mod on these later bikes - even though Maxair still recommends it.

    I chose the Maxair kit because it was turn-key, had VERY good instructions and received many good reviews online. When I expressed my concerns to the Maxair tech people about the "severe engine damage", Lee called me at home to tell me that this dangerously lean business is bunk (he used a different term, I think). He was quite passionate about it, actually, and was more than happy to explain to me in agonizing detail (only because I don't understand it) why they specifically recommend the jets, needles and float settings they do, and why this setup will certainly NOT damage the engine.

    Who am I to argue - I barely know the first thing about this stuff. I am only commenting on my own experience, which I HOPE helps a little. Lee (at Maxair) told me just to install the Maxair kit exactly as the instructions say and do NOT do anything else. I can't really say anything negative about it - it did work just as he said it would (which is much more than I can say about a DynoJet kit or two I've tried on other bikes). While it may run leaner than some folks prefer, I see no signs and have no symptoms yet (on my own bike) that the Maxair kit runs the engine dangerously lean.

    On the other hand, the guys over at Delphi do seem to know their stuff inside and out and, in addition to the drilling and grinding, they recommend much larger main jets than Maxair uses. It seems like complete opposite ends of the spectrum, but I am inclined to think that the difference is more subtle than anyone is likely to admit. To be honest, I am almost tempted to try it the Delphi way sometime but, as I said before, I just can't bring myself to mess with what I have - it works for me. Maybe I can find a spare set of carbs sometime and mod them up the Delphi way...THAT would be interesting.

    The two things that finally persuaded me to go with Maxair were:

    If I cut, drill, or grind anything, there's no turning back. I can always get the grinder and drill out later if this doesn't work out. As it is now, I can put everything back exactly the way it was on day one. I don't know why I'd want to do that, but it was comforting to me to know that I could.

    I also figured that, if the Maxair kit and method was that dangerous, I doubt that they would be getting so many good reviews. People love to get online and scream and yell when they think someone's faulty product caused them some harm. I failed to find even one person who actually claims to have lost their engine to a Maxair kit.

    Again, I am certainly NOT trying to sound like a Maxair commercial. I can only tell you that it seems to be soild product with some genuine R&D behind it. There are probably other setups out there that perform just as well (if not better) - maybe even for less money. I just made a choice based on the best research I was capable of doing and I am very satisfied so far.

  7. nokkinz33

    Thanks to all that replied to this post. The information and the advice I get from this site are respected and appreciated. I will let you all know how things turn out.

  8. rajmo

    i have a 07 and thinking of doing the maxair,have done some research,just reading here and there,not sure of buying this thing or not,but you guys that have the maxair should do a dyno and find out how the bike is working,thats only my advice but what do i know...those who have it for a while share the exerience so we can all make the right desicions,thank you


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