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Maxair + Cobra lo-boy shotguns

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  1. koltzmye

    Dropped off my wifes 04 silverado 1100 yesterday at the shop to have a Maxair preditor kit, cobra lo-boy shotgun long exhaust, and ORK installed.

    A buddy of mine suggested that I should have the baffles/packing removed from the exhaust and run straight pipes to get even better performance and sound. He also said that it'd be wise to have it done at the time of the initital install so the shop can tune it for the open pipes.
    I wanted to get some different opinions on this from some forum folks. any insight from anyone, and has anyone had any experience with this ? How do to Lo-boy shotgun longs sound on the bike, with ant without exhaust baffles? Is there much of a difference in sound and performance?? Thanks

  2. VzdarManiac

    without the baffles I'm sure it will be alot louder the good thing is, if it's too loud you can always put them back in. It's always best to have the bike rejetted whenever a new exhuast is installed, that's why it's best todo it at the time of instalation. Cant wait to see some pics and hear some clips

  3. koltzmye

    I know that without the baffels it would be lounder than with them still in, but i was wondering about if the tuning is that specific? I mean, if they install the maxair and lo-boy shotguns and get it tuned in like that, does it make that much diffference if I remove the baffels later. Is the tuning that sensitive to baffels? What affect would removing the baffels have, other than sound? Would it need to be re-tuned for that.

  4. Ravhite

    Any tiime you change the air flow you change the air/fuel ratio and therefore you must at a minimum check the plugs across the board. You might be able to pull the baffles and simply adjust the pms but you can't make up for the lost torque.

  5. Sitepurner

    Without the baffle you will lose alot of power it's a small engine and will need some back pressure I had pipe that I could remove the baffle and with the baffle remove sure it's loud but loose a lot of power not very good
    I have customize mine to the hilt
    It has a maxair kit custom exhaust, dyna ignition box ,high compression piston , HI z different cams, etc....
    It's also a hard tail now Yes it's a shafty with a hardtail section
    Fast and light awesome ride

  6. FadMan

    I have Cobra Lo Boy ShotGun pipes and a re-jet kit - use the baffles - it sounds great and has beeter performance than without baffles - also, get rid of the air pump and piping.

  7. koltzmye

    Hopefully the shop will have the bike done after tomarrow. They've had it for a couple weeks waiting on the Max-air kit to arrive. The parts guy at the shop said that he hasn't been impressed with the service from the max air company. Slow in shipping out the order.

    Just FYI, in response to the last post, I am also having the AIS removed as well. I am using the Max-air AIS removal kit. And based on the responses, I am not going to call and request to have the baffels removed.

    Like I said, the shop has all the parts and told me a couple days ago that they will be done with my bike tomarrow. Everyone keep their fingers crossed that they get it done and done right. I will be sure to let everyone know how it turns out.

  8. koltzmye

    Hey, we finally picked up my wifes v-star silverado 1100 yesterday. She loves her bike. I took it for a ride also. It is great. The pipes sound sweet,...low deep tone, not obnoxiously loud, but definately attention grabbers, and when you crack the throttle it ROARS. I noticed the bike is definatly, "zippier" than stock, thats the word that comes to mind. Its smooth quick accelleration. (My ride is a Roadstar 1600 so I like power and torque). I wouldn't say her bike has the torque mine has, but its definately able to hold it's own as she rides with me.
    This was the first Maxair kit the shop installed and they had never heard of it before I brought it to their attention and had them order and intstall it. Initially the slow delivery left the shop unimpressed with the company. But after they installed it, they nothing but praise and compliments on my selection of the maxair kit. They said the kit was dead on and the company did lots of R&D and got it right. The manager said he is now going to try to steer yamaha customers to that kit. So all and all I guess it was worth the wait.

  9. cotiagmazder

    how big of a diameter are the low boy shot's, are they still 2" like the basic drags or bigger?

  10. IAFF1419

    I have Cobra Lo Boy ShotGun pipes and a re-jet kit - use the baffles - it sounds great and has beeter performance than without baffles - also, get rid of the air pump and piping.
    What does getting rid of the air pump and piping do? Is this the same thing as removing the AIS (air intake system, I presume)? What are it's advantages and disadvantages? Could it hurt the bike? I would think it was put their for a reason? Is there a kit needed to do this?


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