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  1. nokkinz33

    Getting ready to start the upgrades for the bike and had a question. What is so bad about the maxair kit? If you replace your pipes and do the max effort install is it still bad? It looks to me that the min effort install is a problem with the stock pipes. If this is wrong please set me straight, I don't want to mess up my baby. I am looking at a pod kit and want to know the best one to use. If I am going to spend my money i want to get the best one I can get and the one that will give the best performance. Thanks for all the valuable info I have already gotten from this site. Looking at the Cobra speedster shorts or slashcuts also.....Any advice on pipes.

  2. gz2548

    I haven't taken the plunge yet on the maxair kit, but i did get the cobra speedsster shorts installed with jet kit. Sounds great and absolutely no
    discoloration of pipes at all. My buddy has the V & H pipes and i noticed the cobras sound a bit louder and somewhat deeper tone than his. i heard alot of negatives on the cobra pipes, but after 5,000 miles on my 2008 1100, they look the same as the day they were installed. Hope this helps.....

  3. pizlej4

    I don't know what you heard was bad about the Maxair, but I did the MaxAir kit and Cobra Speedster SlashCuts all at the same time and I am very happy about what I can get out of my bike now. Much more power, more out of each gear, and the sound is very cool. It's such a nice rumble that I love being on a long ride alone so I can just cock my head a little and listen to how good it sounds.

  4. bkman

    I read some bad things about Maxair on another web page when I was researching the mods I wanted to do (intake and exhaust). The reality is that the majority of the reviews for the Maxair are very positive, and I really can't complain about it myself (I decided on the Maxair). I can't be 100% certain, because I wasn't there when it happened, but I do believe that those guys did a LOT of research before releasing their product to the market. They have thousands of kits on the road, and ANY kit could do bad things if it is not installed or used as intended.

    You might be able to tune your bike for higher output in a certain RPM range with some other kits, and you can save some money by just buying the jets, needles and other bits on your own, but the Maxair kit is not meant for that kind of tuner. I think it is a great turn-key solution for someone who doesn't want to fart around for days trying to find the best setup for their machine - only to find that they really only gain 6 or 7 more HP - and only at 5500 RPM.

    I installed the Maxair kit myself in about three hours and it took a bit of fiddling for me to get the idle mixture screws in the best spot. I did exactly what the Maxair instructions said to do and the bike started and ran almost perfectly from the first time I hit the starter button. The idle quality is good, the top-end is opened up and the midrange is really sweet. Overall, I noticed a big difference after Maxair and I am happy with the kit (I've had it on the bike for about 1000 miles now). If you decide to go with Maxair, be SURE to fill out your profile on their forums. They are very good about supporting their product and helping you get it right, but you have to give them good (accurate) information and do the installation exactly as they say.

    Good luck with your choice, whatever it may be.

  5. gewin7

    I Got The Cobra Speedster Longs, Love The Way They Sound. I Am Going To Do The Maxair Kit Also, As Soon As I Can Get The Monet To Order It. I Have Done A Lot Of Research And Decided On The Maxair.

  6. wzdartan

    I have the Speedster Slashcuts, and they are very nice pipes. I have had to return one of the billet tips due to the chrome blistering off, but Cobra agreed to replace it with no problems.
    In regards to the pods, I pretty much agree with bkman. I beleive that pods, are pods, are pods..... That is to say, if you look at what the pod kits are made of, there is not a whole lot to them. There are differences in the quality and air flow of different filters, but not a whole lot.
    If I were going to purchase a pre assembled kit, I would go with the Maxair or the Chubby. Both are good companies with pretty good feedback in regards to customer service.Their kits are so commonly used that the tuning is a relatively simple matter. Maxairs "Maxmix" screws are very nice.
    I do beleive the "Max effort" carb modification is a must on the late model bikes. There has been a lot of indisputable dyno testing that shows this needs to be done to prevent a lean condition after adding the pods.
    If one is willing to expend the time and do the research, I also beleive there is plenty of help and information out there to assemble and install a D.I.Y. pod kit that is just as good as any pre assembled units that you can buy. The only issue with this, is that you are "on your own" to do the final tuning. Good luck in whatever you decide, and let us know how it goes!


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