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  1. LiddleBen

    I have my ork mounted on the left frame down tube. totally out of the way. is yours on the right? I used the Per- form ork with the verticle filter configuration. Just wondering. L.B.

  2. gewin7

    OK, I pulled the AIS system, it does look better with those pipes gone, and has deffently helped with the popping. I rode about 50 miles on the highway, seems to run good. just wondering, how do I know I have the PMS screws set just right, what do I listen for? right now at 3.25 turns, and carbs seem like they are synced but I think they may be too rich. My gas mileage seems to have fallen a lot, maybe only getting 24 mpg, I only expected to lose about 5 mpg at the worst. so I feel like something is wrong.

  3. wzdartan

    I've been reading your posts regarding some of the problems that you have been having. It does sound like the bike is running very rich. I'm just curious... when, and if you did the float adjustment to install the Maxair, did you check the final float level after the carbs. were re-installed in the bike?
    The float level can be checked by installing a clear tube on the float bowl drain, opening the drain and comparing the fuel level in the bowl with the top of the bowl casting on the outside of the carb. I believe this procedure is described in the Delphi K.B.
    I am not a crackshot mechanic, but with the symptoms you have been describing (fuel running out of overflow tube, flames in exhaust, poor fuel mileage) if I were you I would check this. I have read many posts regarding problems with carbs. after float levels were adjusted. I'm just making a suggestion, trying to help. You may have already checked this.
    Most of the final carb tuning can be determined by checking the spark plug condition. The colour of the ceramic tower on the plug should let you know if you are running close to the proper afr. I hope you get the problem straightened out.

  4. gewin7

    Man I really appreciate your help on this. I couldnt find the article in the delpin on the clear tubes for checking the fuel level, I am a member there as well. But you did make me think about this.
    I decided from what you were telling me that I do not have the floats right even though I triple checked them. after pulling the carbs again, I think I set the tool at 14mm, then set the floats with a space in between the float and the tool, probably having the float adjustment at 13mm. so I gues that there is a big difference in the 13 and 14mm in performance.
    I redid the floats , tool at 15mm, floats with a space between tool and top of float, thinking this will give me 14mm. It started right up as before, but I will wait till tomorrow to do pms and carb sync. again, your imput helped me a lot.

  5. bkman

    Kevin, you might also want to take a look at the video on YouTube if you are not sure you did the float level correctly. Lee (at Maxair) put this up there to help people know exactly how to do this. I didn't know how to set floats before I did my Maxair (I wouldn't say I'm an expert now), but I followed the procedure he demonstrated in the video and my installation works very, very well. Depending on where you live, 3.25 turns may be a bit much - I know it would be here (in Florida). I am running mine about a half-turn less (2.75). When I was at 3+ turns, my mileage was below 35 MPG and I had odd little low-speed drivability issues. Now it is almost at 40MPG regularly - sometimes higher if I baby it. Popping can also be caused by an exhaust leak - make sure your pipes are fully seated in the head and that the exhaust gasket is not damaged or deformed.

    Here is a link to the float video - good luck.

  6. gewin7

    bkman, and wzdartan,
    Thanks for your help, bkman, I did watch that video even before I got the kit, the 3 points to me was easy to find.but thanks for the tip on that.
    I do beleave my first mistake was setting my calipers to 14mm, then setting the floats with a space in between the float and the calipers. I beleave I had them at 13mm. now I feel I do have them at 14. Maybe my second was the pms screws at 3.25. I did also set my pms screws at about , in between 2.75 and 3. Did sync the carbs again. took the bike out and a tramendous difference
    Now I dont feel any kind of restriction, runs a lot smoother, I feel that pull you all keep describing. Im not sure I have it perfect, but I beleaves its darn close now. Cant wait for a better riding day to check out the gas mileage.
    Again, thanks for all your help.

  7. wzdartan

    Good deal! Do the plugs look good? I hope it will run like a scalded dog for you!

  8. gewin7

    here is a few pics of my bike with the new pipes.

  9. wzdartan

    Very nice! I dont have too many recent pics of my bike other than these. I took them to demonstrate the look of some floorboard extensions that I am fabricating.They are installed in these pics. The floorboard extensions will move the boards 4" fwd. and about 1 1/2" up. They will be a direct bolt on that will work with the Yamaha "Big Bars" without modifying anything.



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