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  1. gewin7

    well I ordered the maxair Predater pro kit today, and the idle mixture thumbscrews. I sure hope it turns out to be a good one. cant wait to get it and install it with my cobra speedster longs.

  2. RailroatDute

    I also ordered the Maxair Predater pro kit and hope to recieve it tomorrow and install it Monday. I already have the Cobra 2 into 1 HP pipes and will install then same time as the Maxair. I also ordered the idle mixture thumbscrews (not real sure what they are used for but wanted to be sure I had everything I needed when I started working on it)

    Looking forward to the new sound and increased power.

  3. gewin7

    hey, will you let me know how it went and how it performs?, Im thinking I wont get mine till the end of next week, if not later.

  4. yodz

    Me too! Finally got mine ordered today. Predator Pro kit,thumb screws, and solenoid removal kit.

    Still not sure though if I even have a fuel cutoff solenoid on there or not. They said I can return the solenoid removal for refund if I don't need it. Very nice people there at Maxair!

    Got my Cobra Speedster Slashdowns put on about three weeks ago. Sound is awesome, can't wait to get the Maxair on with 'em.

  5. rajmo

    i think the selenoid removal kit is for bikes 06 and up.its on the maxair site

  6. RailroatDute

    hey, will you let me know how it went and how it performs?, Im thinking I wont get mine till the end of next week, if not later.
    Well, I didn't get the Maxair yesterday so I am hoping to get it Monday, depends on the USPS.

    I decided to go ahead and install the pipes but have ran into a problem. The Cobra 2 into 1 HP exhaust has a modification piece to move your rear brake reservoir over and down a little to be away from the front pipe,but I have a vertical ORK (oil filter relocation kit) from Motorcycle enhancement .com installed and it is in the way no matter where I slide it. I guess I will have to make a modification for the modification.

  7. bkman

    I had a similar challenge with my installation (I have the Cobra HP like you). I ended up moving the brake MC toward the outside of the frame down tube. I will try to get a picture of it for you (if you haven't already figured out a way around it. My ORK is a horizontal - type, so the solution might be a little different. In any event, it certainly wouldn't go where Cobra says to put it with an ORK in the way.

  8. gewin7

    Hi. I would like to see that pic also. I havr the cobra speedster longs, so I have the same problem. Thanks.

  9. bkman

    Try as I might, I just can't seem to get pictures from my Blackberry to my computer - I think I'm getting old!

    Basically, I used the bracket that came with the pipes, but instead of bolting it on the spot where the reservoir used to be, I drilled a hole at the base of the reservoir bracket (about a half-inch from where it is welded onto the frame down-tube) and mounted the Cobra relocation bracket there with a stainless bolt, star washers and a spacer (so the relocation bracket could extend out past the down-tube and just outside the frame). Then, I bolted the reservoir out there. So, my reservior now sits just OUTSIDE the frame and right in front of the rear brake light switch. I had to cut the hose from the reservoir to the master cylinder, by the way. So make sure you have the reservoir in the right spot (check your clearances) before you cut. It really doesn't look that odd (I will try to get the pictures up here again) and a chromed reservoir cover would make it look really spiffy.

  10. gewin7

    I still have not gotten my maxair order in yet.wonder how long it takes

  11. yodz

    Haven't got mine yet either Kevin. Ordered last friday or Saturday, can't remember. I e-mailed them yesterday afternoon to see if it had shipped yet or not because I at least wanted to get on the forum and do some reading. He said it had not, they had a fall rush of orders but would ship soon.

    Wife and I just got back from a little ride. Sure looking forward to more power especially when two up.

  12. gewin7

    I ordered mine last friday, so I am probably in the same shape as you, on not shipping yet. I have my bike apart though, went ahead and did the valves, plugs and stuff, thinking I would get the kit by the end of this week. oh well.

  13. gewin7

    well, I got my prediter pro kit installed, along with my cobra speedster longs. I really like it so far, I still need to get it fine tuned, and do some real riding, hope to get to this weekend. Worth the money so far, and easy to install if you take your time, follow the directions, and double check your self as you go.

  14. yodz

    Way to go Kevin! We must have got ours in at the same time. I got everything done on mine except the carb. synch. Installation went fine, had to think my way through some things but it all worked out good.

    I did get to ride it for a little while. It's like a beast now! I am totally impressed! It's nice to not have to change gears so often. I can take 3rd to 50mph if I have to, 4th to 65 easily, and 5th was like a ton of power left at 75.

    No backfire or popping at any time. I am extremely happy with it and glad I did it. The carbs. must be pretty close to being in synch. to be running as good as it is but I'll still do them when my tuner gets in.

  15. gewin7

    did you remove you AIS?

  16. yodz

    Yes, ais was already removed.

  17. gewin7

    sounds like I may have to remove mine then, just a little popping going on.

  18. wzdartan

    I'm glad to hear you guys got your Maxair Predator Pro air kits installed without any problems! They must be nice kits. Is it your opinion that they provide enough additional h.p./tq. to somewhat eliminate the want for a sixth gear?
    I'm going to install a D.I.Y. pod kit this winter, and am hoping it will be worth the effort. Did you guys go with the Maxmix p.m.s. screws? If so, how do you like them? Congrats on the new found h.p.!

  19. gewin7

    I defently dont feel the need for the 6th gear. I am completly satisfied with the kit, and I did go with the max pms screws, well worth it.. good luck on your D.I.Y. kit when you get to it. once I got done, i realized its not near as hard as I thought it would be, but the max kit had great instructions.

  20. yodz

    Thanks wzdartan! I did get the MaxMix screws. I haven't fine tuned yet with them, I'm still waiting on my tuner to balance the carbs. but the screws are easy to get to without having to take anything off now.

    Everything is great now and I can't imagine it running any better but I will synch. the carbs. and the MaxAir forum has a link for how to fine tune with the Maxmix screws that I will do.

    I don't forsee any problems, nor have I heard of any problems with the Predator Pro kit. A friend of mine that installed his on his wifes vstar 1100 is who convinced me to go this route. I was leaning towards the Barons air kit but he kept assuring me that I could install this and that the performance upgrade is unreal. I finally got to ride her bike and that was all it took. Now mine runs just as good!

    I still can't believe the difference it's made. I've only had it to 75mph so far but yes 5th gear still feels like it has WAY plenty left! 4th gear to 65mph is no problem at all now whereas before 5th was starting to wind up pretty good at 65 and felt like I needed to shift to a 6th that wasn't there.

    Install really went pretty good. I have never attempted anything like this before and a few months ago never would have believed I could have done it. My friend brought the instructions to work one day for me to look at and I felt as if I could do it after all. After riding her bike I was Sure I would do it!

    I had to order the Solenoid replacement kit for my bike even though the service dept. at my dealership assured me that only '06 and up California bikes had the fuel cutoff solenoids. Lee at Maxair pretty much assured me that it did have them but in the event it somehow didn't he would refund me the money. Glad I listened to Lee, it did have them. I had to refer to my Clymers manual a few times but all in all the instructions are really good and I follwed them EXACTLY as written and everything turned out Awesome!

    With the Predator Pro kit, Maxmix screws, and Solenoid removal kit I think it cost right at $310. I think that and the Cobra Speedster Slashdowns are the best thing I could have done to my bike. If you decide to go with the Pred. Pro I don't think you would be dissappointed at all. Hope this helps.


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