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Master cylinder kit TX 750

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  1. Andhracidetup

    Ok, Ive come a long way...only to have my lack of a front brake be the only obstruction in my way. I tore it all apart today and bead blasted the housing, all of the seals look ok, but I tore the dust boot and I would feel better if I had all new stuff...but I cant seem to find one.

    My local dealer was really cool, they spent an hour looking around and the end result was no good....they said it is not available, not even seperates...the only part they could get is a circlip.

    I found some kits for xs 750's that appear to be very close, but I dont know if I should just order one and cross my fingers.

    I was wondering, if anyone out there knows what parts would fit it...
    from what I have seen, a lot of bikes of my vintage (74) appear to have the very same casting for the master cylinder.

    What other options do I have if I cant get a seal kit for my bike...Ive got the fever to get this thing on the road real soon.
    I got the new tires for it today, got the front mounted, probably do the back sometime during the week, once I get the brake fixed...I'm ready to go....this bike hasnt been on the road since ' its kinda cool to do this.

  2. MigejCojode

    check with for parts. If they are out of stock you can also drop by your local Honda dealer. Those parts aren't proprietary, ie they showed up on many other brands. Honda so far seems to be the best with cross referencing parts. Meaning that if those parts are discontinued then they have a "replaced by" part number. It's gonna take some hunting tho a good parts person will help you with that. Start with a similar size bike of the same year.

  3. tunc

    try this link and get hold of them they have a heap of cylinder kits

  4. Andhracidetup

    Ok, thanks for the replys. I did the Ebay thing well into the night...couldnt find much. I never thought of checking Honda parts.
    I looked into a 74 Honda CB750 and the parts look the same!
    I then Ebayed for it and found a kit for 25 and free s&h !
    The seller had a very large close up pic of it and I held my originals up to the screen and they look spot on...the CB has a check valve and the internal spring looks like there is a few less coils in it...but all I need are the rubber parts.

    So I rolled the dice and purchased it...I'll let everyone know if it works out...that way anybody else that needs M/C kits can gather one up.

    Soon, Im going to be riding...Cant wait!!!


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