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Luggage Rack pics on bike

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  1. ritinktouple

    here it is mounted,,,

  2. retzdaret

    Very nice. Good work!

  3. tunc

    Q 1st pic
    u got your bike runnin on gas have ya lol

  4. ritinktouple

    ya,,switched it over to propane,,pain in the rear haulin those tanks,,LOL

  5. ritinktouple

    i have also relocated my helment lock to the side of my rack,,i ll try and get a pic sometime,,if anyone wants 1

  6. ritinktouple


  7. quicgmicg

    Hey man, great job!

  8. tkalland

    Looks good!

    I just picked up a luggage rack on ebay for my 650 Classic. The mounting points that attach to the inside of the backrest brackets are a tad narrow on the luggage rack I got, but the bolt holes line up. Did you have have to use any type of spacers on yours?


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