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Lowering update !!

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  1. yimpo19

    FYI for anyone thinking of lowering your new 950.
    I purchased a rear link lowering kit for the V-Star 1300,
    and it is a perfect fit!!!! Lowered it just as described! And done in a half hour!!

    PACIFIC COAST STAR - ITEM# 316 -- $49.00
    Worked great, and cheap!!!

  2. 9Sdarz

    Jimbo I work right in apple valley off johnny cake and 42 at uponor. I would like to see the 950 lowered, I should meet ya at rudy's red eye one day after work to see how it worked for you.

  3. raiterbede

    that is good news but dones it bottom out or drag bottom over stock and maybe some pics please,oh what setting did you use 1in or the lower setting thanks

  4. zoudherngomferd

    Yeah, I'm curious to see it also. You'll have to take it around some corners and see if you scrape them floorboards to easily and report back to us.

  5. yimpo19

    no problems as of yet. just test miles tho..
    when you stand back and look at it, the frame looks level. so i am not expecting any issues, but i'll let it be known if we have any!
    we put it on the lowest setting, and i am technology challenged at the moment with no camera.


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