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Lowering Kit?

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  1. razgen

    Question for any of you who may have lowered your Raider. I know there are several out there with various lowering depths. Can anyone give me any input as to which they like the best. Also, how does lowering the bike affect going 2 up. My wife has, lets say, not been able to maintain her younger figure and I am concerned that going 2 up with a lowering kit could cause problems. Also, how does lowering kit work with a larger 240 tire which is another change I would like to make?

  2. yoyo

    i think if you go with a progressive spring with the lowering kit, it should help out with 2up riding.

    but i want to start looking into air ride system. has anyone used one before? how is the ride?

  3. Kremer901

    2 inches is pretty lowered. You will have to ride differently. You will definitely be scraping a lot of pegs at that height. I already scrape pegs at stock height.But if you take it easy it might work. You would definitely want an air system though so you can pick your height and change it.

  4. AFJacg

    I lowered mine almost 2" and haven't had an issue yet. Took it for a ride yesterday with my ole lady on the back, pretty rough road, and didn't bottom out. My wife is 5'9" and 140lbs.


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