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Lost a Friend

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  1. wzdar6

    Thought I share a picture of an old friend the motorcycle community lost about a month ago. Ronnie "The Lizzard" Grigg. He was famous in my area. Lizzard came in 2nd in a ugly biker contest put on by Easyrider Mag. He was dang proud of the award and showed the article to most everyone he met. If you ever met him, you never forgot him. He was ONE OF A KIND! He will live in the heart and minds of Cleveland County Bikers as we continue to share stories of things the Lizzard did!! The guy that won must have had family in the Magazine cause Lizzard got robbed.

  2. MigejCojode

    <_______ RIP Lizzard _________>

  3. THUNDER160

    Know how u feel lost 4 friends last year and one already this year keep your head lizzard...........

  4. tunc

    sorry to hear bout lizzard

  5. Jonezpoj

    Getting old is hell RIP.......Lizzard...and ride on...

  6. BikMac

    Rest in Peace


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