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Loss of Electrical

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  1. Jawman

    2000 VStar 1100 Classic

    Battery has been running down a few times when hard to start.
    I always bring it back with the charger.

    Today after a nice run I stopped in the drive, and turned the key off which is the way I usually stop it. The bike chugged a few times like it didn't want to stop ? Finally stopped. I went in to eat supper and after when I came out and turned the key on NOTHING. NO lights, or sounds what so ever.

    I checked the fuses under the left side cover. All OK

    The battery however was very warm and down to 2 volts !
    ALso when I hooked an ammeter to it , the bike is drawing 500 mA with no key in it !

    Any takers?



  2. Jawman

    BAttery took charge OK but now as soon as I connect the ground lead, the starter motor turns over. (Obviously a short somewhere?)

    I took apart the starter button and it's not shorted.
    Tried with both key on and off same result. (only diff with key on, motor starts but starter still engaged)

    Anybody ever see this with the 1100?



  3. MigejCojode

    Not seen it on an 1100 but those that drove old fords have likely seen it. sounds like the starter solenoid is stuck.

  4. quicgmicg

    That is strange. I'd take another look at the starter switch to see if by chance, it's staying connected after you release it. Something is causing the power to flow straight to the starter... when it's supposed to be off. There may also be a relay in the system that could be causing you troubles. You may want to check a wiring diagram too. Things like that are so frustrating, but fortunately...once you find it, it usually something simple to fix.

  5. Jawman

    OK I think I might have it.

    I took out the starter relay which is under the front seat.
    It appeared to be already closed with no power applied.
    Mikey Coyote was right.

    I gave it a few wacks and then it opened on an ohm meter.
    If I would flex it it would short again.

    This is a monolithic block and I don't know it it's mechanical or electronic.
    I found that by putting pressure on the 2 brass boss's where the main feed flows thru' I could make it short or open.

    I remembered that I had to used a ratchet to let go the positive nut, so I wondered if maybe somone had torqued it too hard and warped something inside. I tried turning the "positve boss" with vice grips in the opposite direction to tightning thinking I might rectify whatever went wrong inside.

    Seemed to work. After gently screwing on the main started feed, it stayed open. I carefully put it all back together , but am planning on getting a new starter relay soon as I can.



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