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looking to buy a royal star venture

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  1. zcookiewzdar

    test rode one today, an 06 with around 30k on the clock any advice on what to look for before i buy this thing. rode good but it is a huge difference from my nimble 650 custom. will take some getting used to i think. any and all advice is appreciated.

  2. alvrmcuzn

    I have an '09 Venture, I love it (mostly). Just completed a partial Blue Ridge Parkway ride yesterday. The bike is comfortable, powerful enough to haul me, the wife and all our gear. Get a driver back rest!! You'll appreciate it on the long hauls. There are a lot of comments about the lack of fuel injection. I don't see that as a problem myself. I get good mileage, comfort, plenty of get up and go at speed...crank it up in third gear and it'll likely surprise you. What I find on the negative side, at least for my specific bike is:
    1. Two up and loaded at parking lot/paddle walk speeds it's like trying to balance a bowling ball on a toothpick (only slightly exaggerated )
    2. My audio system goes completely bonkers now and then. It locks onto the CB and will not let go of it sometimes. I never use the CB so that is especially annoying when it locks onto that. Then the next time I fire it up it works perfectly. I have never been able to set the AM/FM radio presets. Yesterday on the return ride from the BRP (heavy rain for 5 hours) it refused to turn off at all, the CD changer/player stayed on and I could not adjust the volume up or down or turn it off. I wish I could yank the entire system and replace it with the system the new Stratoliner Deluxe has.
    3. This may just be me but the Venture is just not built for gravel roads!

  3. VTvinChic

    Sounds like your squelch is set too low and you are picking up some signals that are strong and/or nearby. When the CB picks up an incoming signal, that overrides the radio. Nothing's wrong, just an adjustment.

  4. alvrmcuzn

    Are you sure that my squelch is set too low and that that would cause the system to not allow the CB to be changed to any of the other media inputs (CD/AM/FM/AUX). I have been in electronics for 23 years in the Navy that just sounds a little wrong to me. Especially when turning the bike off and then back on again frequently corrects the problem. Since I NEVER use the CB, but it simply springs into action on its own seems a mystery to me. Please note that this is not a ping at your reply, just a (to me) logical reason why squelch would not be the cause and would not seem to cause the CD to lock into a steady on, set volume level and no way to turn it off.
    I am having a 12K maintenance done in the next couple of days and once again I am going to present the problem to them. When I have explained the problem before to the dealer, the system of course worked exactly as advertised. It's really difficult to chase down a "random" problem.

  5. hik4z

    FM presets are a pain, and I have to get the manual out and sit there and figure it out all over every time, which is very unusual as I can usually figure out stereos that I have never seen before, even the clock settings, without a manual. I think the chip that controls the stereo was programed in Basic.

    I seldom use my CB, but never had any problems, sounds like a loose wire in the CB on/off control.

    As far as handling as slow speeds, I switched to a 130 size front tire, helps a lot, I have also heard that adding leveling links helps handling, but that also raises the back end, so anyone on the shorter side wouldn't want to do that.

  6. UbermattA

    Do it. If you thought your 650 was nimble wait until you get comfortable on the "Big Bike". I'm much more comfortable becuase of the stability. It just does not feel like it will fall over when cornering like the 650. I'm guessing it's the longer wheel base but don't know for sure. I just know it is much better.

  7. zcookiewzdar

    breaker breaker i didnt ask how to squelch a cb because smokey and the bandit was a long time ago and i dont plan on going down the road looking for truckers and a bear in the air. thanks for the replies though i have to take a drive to my next test ride. i was going to talk alot of hijack trash but my 12 year old looked over my shoulder and said and i quote "whats a cb?" and then i had to explain the whole cb trucker bear in the air lingo that only us old people know about. ok now i have to go buy some gretian formula and geritol, later

  8. zcookiewzdar

    nevermind i wont be perchasing the venture after reading about all of the whining from the clutch area because if there is 1 thing i cannot tolerate is odd noises from my machines. all the comfort in the world cant overshadow noise.

  9. hik4z

    nevermind i wont be perchasing the venture after reading about...

    It is actually only a small percentage that have the serious whine, and it generally in not something that develops, it is either there from early on or not. So if it was not noticeable on your test ride it shouldn't be an issue.

    Almost all bikes have some whine, as most, including Harleys, use at least some straight cut gears and that is where the basic whine comes from..

    the serious louder whine, (I prefer to call the chirp) is a different animal and is not there on all Ventures.. Mine has it barely noticeable, It did get a little loud before the first oil change, I switched to synthetic Mobil 1 10w-40 motorcycle oil and haven't noticed it since. The basic cruiser wind noise is louder than the whine now..

    But if noise bother you,, you might want to look at BMW 1200LT or the Goldwing, they seem to be the quietest, all others I have ridden (especially cruisers) have had loud engines or some wind noise.. Now the Venture is not near as bad as some of my previous bikes, I no longer have to wear earplugs all the time, but it is not as quiet (wind noise wise) as the BMW or the GW.

    That being said, all brands have some specific issues, but they don't occur on ever vehicle they make.

  10. dimponetva

    Sounds like you need to buy a Harley Davidson,, you'd fit right in.. Come-on................................

  11. zcookiewzdar

    i might just buy a heritage softail now that you mention it. then i will come back here and tell everyone how their riceburners are no good. not really i have gotten a lot of good info from this site so when i talk trash it`s all in fun.i might even keep my v star and then i can ride both sides of the fence. can you say wishy washy

  12. hik4z

    i might just buy a heritage softail now that you...

    Go for it, we'll wave as we go by!!!

    Seriously, if you are thinking Harley, the softtail will be nowhere near as comfortable and long distance friendly as the RSTD. That would be a Road King.

  13. zcookiewzdar

    i went to look at the heritage and for 1k more got the electra glide so geezer glide it is.i will probably sell my v star because i cant justify having 2 bikes. so let me have it i drank the kool aid, mid life crisis or whatever .


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