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Looking into a yamaha 1100

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  1. DJRC184

    Hello everyone i am new to this site but looking into buying a yamaha 1100 bike and was wondering if there is anything that i should know about the bike like problems with things like the carb , brakes, clutch, ect any info would be a big help

  2. vakonman

    Hey DJRC184,
    If you look around at past posts here on YMF you will find that the 1100 is considered quite "bullet proof". There seems to be a lot of aftermarket accessories/upgrades and there are many mods that are easily done. The Achilles heal with this bike is the starter clutch assembly. It often fails and the repair is not cheap. Other than that, it is a great bike.

  3. Shebhertezz

    Are you buying a new or used one? Since the 1100 is now discontinued in the States, why not consider the 1300? Need to think about parts down the road...

  4. vakonman

    There are enough 1100s around that parts will be easily found for a long time. The knowledge base is well established so there will always be plenty of useful help available if required. Also, the 1300 (and 900) is belt driven and fuel injected. These features are not necessarily desirable to many people.

  5. zing

    I bought my 1100 last year and thought about trading up to a roadstar, but after a few mods, I can't say enough good things about this bike. They don't seem to have even half the problems other bikes do, and there are so many aftermarket accessories for this thing. I say get one you will not be disappointed.

  6. DJRC184

    Im looking at a used one I found a 2007 for 2450 with no damage or scratches

  7. quicgmicg

    BUY IT!!! That's a screaming deal. You won't regret getting it. Parts are inexpensive, there is a TON of aftermarket stuff available and they are proven to be 200,000 mile motors.

    Added to the "cool" factor of being air cooled (no ugly clunky radiator or the hassle with coolant and hoses)...

    Even though the 1100 was discontinued in the US this year, it's still available in Canada and Europe. There are more aftermarket pieces available for it than any of the newer Yamaha models and they are generally less expensive. That will continue for many years.

  8. zhatovofzelf

    You better hurry and make a decision because anyone that knows about 1100 will buy it from under you. This deal will not last!!


  9. DJRC184

    you better hurry and make a decision because anyone that knows about 1100 will buy it from under you. This deal will not last!!Dan
    allready sent he a message that i want it:d

  10. dedonga8

    not saying that this is a scam. but it is mighty coincidental that there has been one 1100 for sale all over the U.S. for the same price. it was two tone gray and dark gray or black. it started out in Las Vegas when a friend of mine called me about it. the last I saw it was listed on craigslist in the Charlotte N.C.area for the exact same price. Not trying to imply anything just want you to receive as much help and info as I have received from others on this forum. hope it works out for you.


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