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Lookin for a new seat.

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  1. nadzcarbelli1

    So I have noticed that alot you guys are impressed with Mustang seats. I also want to upgrade to a better than stock seat and I am in the market for a stilleto style seat for my 07 Custom. I ride 95% of the time solo, but want something for my woman to sit on when she wants to come for a ride. We don't ride together for long trips, but I want her to be comfortable if we take off for an hour or so. I do want it to be comfortable for me as well as I do plan on making some long distance trips. Do you guys think the stilleto style is okay for this? I am really partial to its looks and the Mustang Profiler just doesn't do it for me. Is the Yamaha Stilleto a good replacement or is the Corbin better??
    I currently ride with the stock seat and passenger pillion removed for the solo look, and throw on the passenger seat (takes two minutes) when I take her for a drive, so I am also open to any other senarios similar to this, if it ain't to much of a pain.
    Any opinions or real life experiences would be greatly appreciated before I go spending my hard earned cash and end up being disappointed.

    Thanks guys and safe riding!


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