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longer cables for apes?

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  1. etkar

    im going put 12" ape hangers on my bike wheres a good place to buy brake line,throtle cable and clutch cables. im planing on getting rid of the bulking electical controls. i have a solution for the start switch, what can i do about the turn signals?

  2. wzdartan

    You may check with TimB. (Metric Magic), Shane(SS Customs), or P.C.S. for your cables and lines. There are some aftermarket alternatives out there for the switches on the bars (check the bars section at P.C.S.'s wwebite) that are nice, but they are CRAZY expensive. I beleive some guys just eliminate signals if they really want to get rid of the switches??? I'm not too sure of the ramifications for that, it may vary from state to state. I beleive there is a forum out there for "apes", it may provide you with some of the answers you are looking for. I would do a Google search for "Ape Hangers " to find it.


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