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  1. ezzendialcjcle

    So this weekend I got to go for a 235 mile ride. I went with a buddy that has a road king. I tell ya, my bike is WAY underpowered to stay with this guy. I think it's time to upgrade. My wife and I like to travel, so I will for sure need a bigger bike. I rode solo for the trip. We ran at about 70-75 mph all the way there. Good milage, but another gear would be nice. Might have to sell the girl...

  2. flower73

    It happens. The grass is always greener and all that. I own a Triumph Speedmaster and I want a new Thunderbird.

    I say if you have the money, and the desire, do it. I don't get emotional about this stuff, because it's about riding, being comfortable and having fun.


  3. BikRet

    My dad has a 88 c.i. harley, we took a trip through the mountains heading to a poker run, I ran fine with him at about 80 - 85, that was bone stock. I rode yesterday and was banging through gears when I realized I was doing 55 in 3rd with room to run. Thats with the gak, jets, and baffle gut. I think your bike is really kick ass, I love the paint and graphics. You can always add a gear in the drive line or change gear sizes to get more running room. Unlike flower73 I get attached to things, cars, dogs, co-workers, bikes. I am border line needy. It's your choice but I think its less costly to build up than buy new. Either way hope you find what you're looking for.

  4. flower73

    ......You can always add a gear in the drive line...

    How do you do this? I think the unit needs one more gear as well.

  5. virefaceone

    How do you do this? I think the unit needs...

    You cant do this. Not without a crap load of work and a ton of know how.There is nothing after market what so ever to remedy this issue.

  6. flower73

    You cant do this. Not without a crap load of...

    I was hoping I had missed something.

  7. yhoower

    I ride with a Stage 1 Street Glide all the time and my 950 keeps up pretty well until about 85. That's OK with me because I don't really want to go much faster than that on two wheels. Some day I'll buy a "bigger" bike but it will be another Yamaha.

  8. girgnt1zbt

    I'm surprised you weren't keeping up. I was riding with a couple big Harleys yesterday for about an hour, running about 90-95 the whole way, and I had no problem keeping with them. Do you have any performance mods done to your bike?

  9. tommyz21

    I have the same problem as well...It seems when I hit 70 mph, that im running pretty high rpms..(everything stock)...

    Could the bike need adjustment? Or will adding the GAK kit (will be doing soon) do what I need?

  10. virefaceone

    running high RPM is just what these bikes do. Its what they are made to do. The extra gear would be nice but these things run high rev by design. These are at about a 7200 RPM red line. You are running some serious revs at highway speed but not anywhere near the bikes capability.Putting on the GAK and pipes and stuff will give you a little more grunt but its not really going to change the high rpm issue.Its a gearing thing.And as far as not keeping up with the bigger bikes,if you are not having drag races there should not be an issue.

  11. zcookiewzdar

    i ride with a group of mostly big harleys and gold wings and they dont believe that my custom is actually a 650. i hang with them all day without issues. the other day we did a 200+ miler and i led them most of the day just wondering what was going thru their minds with a little 650 leading the pack. needless to say i enjoy it, but i too must admit that one day if money is right i could see purchasing a larger ride.

  12. BikRet

    I have seen after market drive lines and I have seen sets to add gears. Maybe its just certain builds, it could be an American made design that won't fit metrics. I have also seen a reverse gear set for baggers. I wanted a bigger bike for a while because I didn't think I could hang with bigger bikes. Now its just a matter of I like to stretch out on a ride and the bike's a little short. But I'm doing the floorboard ext. to get some comfort. Even buying an after market tranny is cheaper than a new bike.

  13. Bokobob95

    I wear ear plugs on the highway....tones down the shrillness of the rpms..

  14. virefaceone

    I have seen after market drive lines and I have...

    If you have seen these things for the 650's I think we would all like too know where you saw it because a good percentage of us have searched high and low for aftermarket solutions to the gearing thing with these bikes and not a person has found anything.Also, the extensions should help you greatly. Maybe some of the bigger bikes and Harley's are layed out different but if you compare wheelbases and overall lengths of these 650's to alot of the harleys and other "big" bikes,the overall size is pretty comparable.

  15. Bokobob95

    May I add a comment? I know of one bike that has a high rpm in fifth gear and it is the Suzuki C50 and C50T (same 800 cc engine and tranny)....A guy figured out that he could take the final drive from a Suzuki C90 (90 cubic inch) OR from a Suzuki 1400 VS and shorten the length of the drive shaft and cut out a hunk about like a wedge of a fresh orange from the "outer hub" of the drive so the fake swingarm could clear it adn slightly enlarge the holes for the bolt-on portion of the shaft and voila, he made it 16% taller in all gears...I had it installed on a C50 that I had and it made a significant difference...It definitely quieted down teh "buzziness" at speeds above 65, lessened vibration at 70 plus and all in all was great...No trouble taking off in low gear..

    Thing is, somebody found a driveline that worked with modification in the case of the Suzuki...

    I am told that there is no other yama drive geared any higher than the 650...but this is not as hard as puttign a man on the moon90..

    My point is that someone could make a good buck by figuring out something that would do the trick..maybe fab a gear or whatever...

    (The modifiable drives that I referred to above are virtually unobtainable at junk yards due to demand, and the guy who modifies them gets $300 to do the work.) Finished drives are fetching a good $600.....

    Somebody on this forum has got to have the talent to get something to work..


  16. BikRet

    If you have seen these things for the 650's I...

    I've only seen ads for drive lines in general, nothing specific to 650's and nothing branded Yamaha. But there is always a way its just a matter of figuring it out. Buddy of mine put an 02 Honda S2000 motor in an 87 Corolla with a 96 Mustang rear end. I have no idea how he made it work considering a 15 year gap in technology, but if you have the desire you can do it. If I had a spare tranny I would work on something, it could be finding the right gear set to give you what you want.

  17. ezzendialcjcle

    I have all mods that can be done. GAK, pipes and all adjustments. I just think that it's time for me to upgrade. There is no comparison when it's 650cc to a 1340cc. It's like a small block chevy compared to a Hemi. I might put the bike up for sale. If anyone would have any interest, send me a message. I think I'm gonna test the waters and see what kind of response I get. So let me know.

  18. Bokobob95

    I would like to add my +1 to the comment that the 650 is a like a "big bike" in many ways...I like the relatively long wheelbase adn ample leg room in particular...Mine has CRASH944 bars equpped with low-placed foot pegs and I cna keep my heels on the floorboards and the front of my feet on the pegs for a remarkably leisurely sitting position.

    Having a 1600 Nomad myself along with my trusty 650, I can relate to the comparison of a hemi versus a small block chevy engine...No question about particular needs center upon ease of use, due to being elderly..(I guess in truth I want it all...ease of use, plus comfort and luxury of the Nomad.... :-) ) No law against wishful thinking..

    Still, somebody could make a good deal of money by coming up with a "gear"/whatever that would yield lower rpms...there are a TON of 650s out there..

  19. Callibjkian

    I have my '08 classic. I've run flawlessly, 2 up, with goldwings down to honda shadow (750 I think) on significant rides. Solo all the way from upstate NY to Fort Lauderdale, FL without issue. I've gotten the surprised comments about the "size" of my bike before and after they've seen it perform. I will never say a bad thing about these bikes. BUT, I still added an HD Ultra Classic to the "stable." I still own and ride the yamaha and enjoy every minute of it. I purchased the larger bike because it definitely is designed for very long distance touring. (gonna be hauling me and the GF across the country and back this summer) There are very positives to both bikes. You have to go with what will make you happy. Yes, there is an obvious size and comfort difference between the yamaha and bigger machines but the only person that can decide whether or not you move "up" is you.

    Just enjoy the ride, brother!


  20. virefaceone

    I've only seen ads for drive lines in general, nothing...

    The only positve sounding idea anyone has come up with has been by MigejCojode on here. He has a pretty strong theory on swapping the final drive out with one from the 535 virago's. Everything he says about it makes sense its just a matter of someone having the time and know how to try it out and see what becomes of it. There is a thread on here somewhere about it.


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