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  1. ezzendialcjcle

    So I sold the v-star a while back. I had bought a Harley and gave my wife the star. She didn't like it, mostly the clutch feel. I did everything I could to it to help it but... So I put it on craigslist and sold it. I dodn't get what I was asking, but good enough. So a couple weeks later during my daily addiction to craigslist, I spotted a similar bike for sale. It looked a lot like it, but there were some changes. I'm thinking that anyone could of did the same type of paintjob. So a couple days later, there ar my fenders for sale. I know they were cause they are the only ones on earth with my logo on the rear fender. Below it was the add for the bike too. They are trying to get $6500 for it! What a freakin joke!! A new star doesn't even clome close to that price! It's for sale in woodstock, IL. Makes me wanna laugh at these people! Well, all I can tell them if I could is: GOOD LUCK!! Just thought I would share this to you, made for an interesting find while "shopping." I really miss my old ride, it sure was pretty!!


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