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  1. PDXScodd

    So I was watching a few "stupid motorcycle crashes" linked from here or somewhere else...

    Anyway, I see my goofy neighbor (we all have one of these quys on our blocks, right?) trying to ride his motocross bike up and down the street, cranking the throttle and blowing a ton of smoke all over the place... no helmet...just trying to pop wheelies and get the bike running clean.

    I didn't mind the noise or smoke, hell it's a motorcycle...I'm down with it.

    But he kept killing the bike right in front of my house -at the bottom of the hill. So his buddy comes down the street in his pick-up and ties off a rope to the motocross and tows him up the hill.

    I see him hooking up the rope and yell to my son, quick, grab the video camera...there's going to be mayhem!

    I'm happy to report, no one was injured...but it was DAMN close a few times as he tried to pop the clutch and start the bike while being towed up the hill. Really entertaining anyways!

    Scott T

  2. heavvyduty56

    Think I seen that guy in the pic,s of walmart people lol

  3. shadowmib78

    Oh this doesnt scratch the surface of stupid crap i have seen people do on bikes.. The french guy riding on the freeway steering with his feet while texting. I think is king of the idiots.

  4. PDXScodd

    I do recall hearing him shout to the driver, "Hold my beer, and watch this!"...

    Scott T


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