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  1. mazderofdroj

    Hey guys, very off topic but has anyone tried a liquid evacuator to suck up the oil from the crankcase of our steed instead of the plug? I recently bought one to use on my 4- wheel machines. I can use it for oil, transmission, radiator, and differentials changes.

    I'm a technician and tinker by trade, so I had to try this thing. My version is not motorized, you pump it. It creates a vacuum, and out comes the fluid. It's kind of pointless on the oil changes, since the filter won't unscrew and change itself(gotta get down there anyway). It might be handy to change the oil on a 2-wheeler.

    Anyway, was wondering if anyone has used one.

    Ride safe

  2. JuzdSdewe

    I'm trying to bite my tongue on this one.
    You say you're a 'technician'.
    Well, I am as well.

    IF an engine requires oil changes, yada, yada, yada, and it HAS an oil drain plug, WHICH are usually cleverly designed by the motor manufacturers to be in a good place to drain THE oil out of aforementioned motor, one would assume that it would work quite well.

    Why would anyone want to try and 'suck out' the oil when you can drain it out MORE efficiently?

    Just doesn't make sense to me.

    Use it on your 2 wheelers, and roto tillers, and whatever doesn't have a drain plug, but on your 1300?........................puhhllleaaasee.

  3. chaser38

    I have a pump that I use to suck oil out of the engines on my boat. They are impossible to drain. It is imperfect, as I don't get all the oil (but darn near). But I think that is what Steve is getting at. There is a drain plug located at the lowest point of the pan, to help get all or most of the oil....the most efficient way to drain it. Well, sometimes it still fun to try new things. I guess this one of them.

    PS: Hows your little daughter...still enjoying the ride?

    Good Riding.

  4. mazderofdroj

    Hey my friend, how are you? Yeah, she still likes to ride. Took her on the freeway for about 18 miles to Redlands to pick something up and then back again. I must say she is like her mother, afraid of the freeway. She says too many cars. I say it's because where we live...too many people.

    Alas, I'm usually solo, which is fine...getting to and from work on my bike once in awhile is a nice change of pace...quicker pace I might add...

    Take care...

  5. chaser38

    Any trip on a bike for a little tyke is probably exciting. You mentioned home town. That little place sure has grown up to be a small race track. Keep her safe!

    And Cheers!

  6. ModoHero

    If you use it on the 1300 let us know if it gets all the oil. I use one on all my equipt. especially the dirt bikes. The test is to use it then pull the drain plug and see how much oil was missed. It was purchased originally for an I/O boat engine cause they are impossible to drain without a total mess then I started getting lazy with more and more stuff.



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