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License side mount woes

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  1. yjmmjyajmez

    I have to say I am having a difficult time finding an extended (coupling) axle adapter nut to accomadate my new license plate side mount frame. I figured I could just saunter over to my local Ace hardware and grab a fine thread 18 mm coupling nut, but they did not have any. All coarse thread (axle 's are fine thread) 16 or 20mm only. I tried fastener specific stores, and motorcycle shops. Nada. I tried looking in auto parts stores too with the same results. Mean cycles has something similar, but they want 40 dollars plus shipping. I am told just getting a longer axle is also difficult and expensive. I am trying to save money so I can get some cool mirrors I saw in Suncoast Trike's. My next step is to make a bracket which I believe I can mount from the inside of the rear swing arm, there are two holes I can tap threads into. I thought of a triangle shaped steel bracket where Raider Performance mounts there's, but I don't want my lovely wife stepping on it when she steps off of the bike, plus I wanted closer to the rear of the machine. Any of you have any other ideas?

  2. tezerdhi

    If I remember right, I put one of these on my VTX and since the axle on the VTX is hollow I threaded the inside of the axle. Then that bushing that fits on the inside ring on the license plate mount, I drilled and threaded a set screw so that couldn't move. I know this is not too detailed but thats what I remember.

  3. ROB2

    Maybe look at they've pulled thru a lot of times for me.If you have the time and patients im sure you'll find something in there to work, good luck. or if you know what you kinda want and post a drawing,maybe i/we/someone can hook ya up.

  4. SajIdAindSo

    Jimmy, when you get it all worked out let us know how you worked it out, and show us some pics.

    That new plate law in FL has basically %^$#'d up my rear clean up plans. I'm not a big fan or horizontal mounted plates on the side, by if thats our only option in FL I guess I'm going to need to be a little more open minded.

  5. yjmmjyajmez

    I just arrived home, with a 1\\2 " threaded rod and some steel bushings, and two vinyl lock nuts, so tezerdhi, you hit the nail on the head, only I'm going to run the rod all of the way through instead of the thread tapping. I don't trust myself with an expensive accessory like the side mount license plate bracket. I'm going to use one rubber coated metal washer on the other side to keep it from moving. I believe the thick rod should be able to withstand some torqueing to keep things secure. If this doesn't work I will try your website, ROB2, and Sayitaint so, I agree, Fl law sucks, I had my heart set on a curved Vertical mount also. But I think this one will look pretty good, better than under the rear fender. I will post some pics tomorrow. You guys are the best, many thanks

  6. yjmmjyajmez

    I got the bracket on the bike, what a struggle though, and I am still going to look for a better way to go. At first I was going to tap the end of the axle out, but that would have required a 5\\8 " tap, meaning a drill out which would make the wall of the axle dangerously thin. I had images of the axle end snapping off while I was cruising. I ended up using a 5\\16 inch threaded rod, since the 1\\2 inch does not go all of the way through the end of the axle. The threaded side is thicker to allow for more strength, I guess. I would have felt more secure with the half incher, but the smaller diameter will have to do. It doesn't move or anything, I just hope the threads hold up, since I had to torque them down to keep it stable. I used some spacer bushings, various fender washers, and two coupling nuts. Sorry for the poor quality pics, I was in a rush and used my cell phone. Tomorrow I will finish connecting the wires. I already trimmed the plastic flap down to open up the rear wheel more, and I ran the wiring under the fender, up through the seat and down the inside of the frame.

  7. SajIdAindSo

    So far it looks better than I thought it would. Straight on from the back it actually looks real good. For me, the jury is still out on the side view but I think I would warm up to it. I like how it is further back than the passenger pegs and it should be stronger attached to the axle. Overall it looks like you have a winner for other to copy......... if it holds up.

    I'm interested to see how you hide the wires, and if you have any problems with bumping into it when walking around the bike.

    Thanks for the update.

  8. yjmmjyajmez

    I spied two holes on the inside of the left side swing arm. They are not quite in line with the rear axle, nor the footpeg area, somewhere in between. I am thinking about tapping them out with some threads and making a U shaped under the swingarm bracket to mount it. It does look pretty good where it is, and that is how a lot of custom bikes have them, but sometimes it is better to be different. I will have to run the wire (2 in 1 bundle) under the swingarm, Maybe behind it if I can find some sharp metal clip to bite into the inside swingarm vanes. Thank you SajIdAindSo for the compliment.

  9. TrojRaiter

    How is the bouncing of the swing arm going to affect the reliability of the light? The further back the more travel of the swing arm. Those side mounts sure do stick out. But guess ya don't have much choice. Still looks pretty good.

  10. yjmmjyajmez

    The reliability of the light should be ok. I took the whole thing apart today, and re worked things a bit. First off, I replaced the zinc coated aluminum threaded rod with a steal one instead. The aluminum one's threads showed signs of cross threading. Next I place an old expansion plug from my old Suzuki's hand grips, into the mount socket, that way it reduces vibration. I finally soldered the wires together,heat shrinked them and taped them up undrneath the swing arm. The pics show them clearly, they don't show normally but I took the pictures from down low to show everything. I had trimmed that plastic fender flap as far back as I could without loosing the turn signals, as I am not ready for aftermarkets yet. The chop job just looked bad, so I filled the gap back in with a piece of chrome heat shield, again off of my old Suzuki's stock exhaust system. The bike is a mess, tomorrow I wash it for Wednesday bike night.

  11. 1Cruizer

    Take pride of job well done and real one. Cheers

  12. yjmmjyajmez

    Many thanks 1Cruizer

  13. SajIdAindSo

    Jymmy, you said you were going to take it out for a ride for the first time with the new plate for bike night last night. How did it go? any problems?

  14. yjmmjyajmez

    No problems at all, it was a solid one hour ride on bumpy roads and a long bridge with uneven slabs. My buddy, who has a cool Victory with a 280 rear wheel, loved the look, and is buying the same bracket.

  15. SajIdAindSo

    Based on this I'm gonna do the same....but rather than say with the stocker signals I'm gonna go with the Custom Dynamics LED set up........great job.

  16. TrojRaiter

    Excellent work. Looks great!

  17. yjmmjyajmez

    Thank you both, I appreciate your opinion. My buddy has two flat LED turn signals flush with his Kingpin's rear fender, those type look great.


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