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  1. yazonzdyohn2

    How do we all keep our bikes clean? What products do we use? Im curious if you wet down the whole bike or just wash in sections....are we careful not to wet certain things? How often? Do you just wipe it down if its dusty? Any great products for chrome or is there a good product for removing light scratches on the tank? Or the seat? get the idea....

  2. VzdarManiac

    For a quick shine I use Lemon Pledge. Bascially cover the whole bike with this stuff and wipe'er clean. Makes for a nice shine with a hint of wax.

  3. chilibebber

    I wash mine top to bottom and dry it off, usually once a week. I use the leaf blower to blow out the water that I cant get to. After that, I use ClearKote products to detail with. I start with Moosewax on the painted services, chrome and windshield and mirrors. Then I go over the painted serfaces with Quickshine. Then, I do the rubber, plastic and leather with the Rubber/Vinyl treatment that Clearkote has. I use these products for a couple of reasons. First, the products are amazing. I Moosewax about once every two months. I use the Quickshine and Treatment after every wash. Once you get this product on, dirt and bugs dont stick and fingerprints dont stick or show. I have used these products for several years and they protect very well.
    You canonly get this stuff online unless you have a distributor living close to you.

  4. roukhriter8

    wow, Maniac you just brought back an old memory for me. My Grandaddy had a 1974 yellow Galaxie 500 he polished with pledge. He did it for years. When I was in college he gave it to me. A girl scrapped the driver side all the way down the car one day. Now to get back on topic. I took it to get fixed at a local body shop. When he went to paint it he cleaned up and started to spray the paint. He said the paint would not stick and rolled of like water. He asked what was on it. I told him my Grandaddy used pledge to wax it. He just groaned. He had to sand that old wax off.

    When I wash mine I use the water hose on a really low pressure. After I get through with the water I use a leaf blower to dry it off. Especially around the engine and chrome. I like Meguires wax. I used it on all my guitars. I bought some chrome polish at the auto parts store but cant remember the name. I don't like the detail sprays, they feel greasy to me. I use Wesley's bleach white on the white walls and tires.

    When I got my police dept. Road King it had never been cleaned. It was filthy having been shipped around in a box for several weeks. The seat has a basket weave pattern in it and I could not get the dirt out of it. I used Greased Lightning and a tooth brush to clean it. Greased Lightning has ammonia and leaves an oily residue. When I left to go to work the next day I got on the highway and torked it down. Polyester and Greased Lightning make a slippery combo. I almost slid of the seat. Scared the crap out of me.

    BTW that car had 310,000 miles on it when I gave it to my younger cousin. He put the motor in his old truck. That was in '93. Still drives it on weekends

  5. Retlikhd

    I'd like to suggest Optimum No Rinse.

    It's a wash concentrate that requires no rinsing. Just wash the bike and dry. It's very Bio-friendly.

    We use it to detail cars. I full heartedly stand behind OPT detailing products because so much R&D goes into them......and I'm a former Meguiars nut!


  6. Pavbj

    For a quick polish between washes I use Blackhawk motorcycle cleaner. It's a spray on, wipe off product that works great on the entire bike. Chrome, paint, windshield, mirrors, mag wheels, you name it. No streaking, and no residue. I get it at Wal-Mart for about $6.00 a bottle.
    I still wash and wax regularly, but the Blackhawk is a great way to clean up the bike after a day of riding, to refresh it from the road dust and windshield bugs without a major undertaking. It really works.

  7. Jonezpoj

    Turtle Wax car wash from Wally World and do the whole bike, made to ride in the rain so go for it. The lemon pledge is good for road trips also to keep up with the grime.

  8. kman

    Soapy water, hand dry then wax the paint.

  9. N2cr7zharg

    S100 for the bulk of it and Plexus for the windshield.

  10. bazdorrop1

    lots of good ideas on this thread. Thanks for sharing! Ok, here's my routine. I use the Mr. Clean Auto Dry wash and rinse. I then use a leaf blower. That's it. If I detail or dust off between washes, I use Protect All or Eagle One's Nanowax spray. I sometimes use Eagle one Nanopolish for the chrome. I used to use S100, but I can actually clean my bike faster with the Mr. Clean stuff. I like the bike clean, but I don't like spending all day to do it. I'm always looking for a quicker, better product.


  11. bazdorrop1

    Hummm....... I must be the thread killer. Seems that few will post after me. Don't worry guys, I don't have anything contagious.

  12. fewer

    Don't worry guys, I don't have anything contagious.
    Wouldn't want to get a virus
    I use Meguires on all hard parts except the windshield

  13. YamahaLouie488

    Try Mothers polish for the chrome...keeps the bling bling looking good. Find it at any NAPA dealer..


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